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Gender Age Organization position Organization tenure Administration 1 vs. This feeling motivates them to persist to execute at a high level, so good presentation becomes self-reinforcing. At the foundation of this model lie three critical psychological states of workers. Mediocre job performance for the majority of the evaluation period and excellent job performance closer to the performance appraisal can result in a higher — and, sometimes undeserved — payout in a variable pay system. The higher the level of these states, the higher will be the satisfaction that an employee will experience when he performs well. Moreover, consistent with results for other broad-reaching types of systems employed in organizations, the new ERP system is likely to require new skills and competencies and, as a result, employees may resent having to learn the new software, acquire new technical skills, and adapt to the new business processes enforced by the system see Alvarez ; Hakkinen and Hilmola ; Nah and Delgado ; Orlikowski However, this did not compromise the scientific goals of the study and was consistent with how we wanted to collect the data. Care should be taken in generalizing the findings beyond this context and future research is needed to further identify the degree to which these effects on job characteristics and job satisfaction persist beyond the shakedown phase.

We used three dummy variables to code the data, with clerical workers being the reference group 0, 0, 0. This will result in increased and continuous intrinsic motivation. Future research should include additional variables including personality differences e.

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More than other systems, ERP systems have the potential to dramatically alter jobs and business processes. Another point of contention is that a purely cross-sectional view of job satisfaction is insufficient to gain a complete understanding of job satisfaction in times of ERP-initiated change. Building on the JCM, we develop a model that proposes a moderating effect of ERP system implementation on the relationship between job characteristics and job satisfaction e. Herzberg's two-factor theory NetMBA, argues that there are factors that lead to dissatisfaction and factors that lead to satisfaction in the workplace. The skill are, autonomy, task significance, task identity and feedback, and the outcomes of high job performance, high job satisfaction, high intrinsic motivation, and low absenteeism or turnover. Such reactions to technology-enforced job changes are common in the IS literature e. Most of the hypotheses were supported; however, contrary to our expectations that all of the job characteristics would be moderated by ERP system implementation, two job characteristics—namely, task significance and task identity H1, H2 —did not have a significant interaction effect. As a result, those knowledge workers may experience job stress associated with the new task demands variety causing their job satisfaction to be low e. Have A Custom Example Essay Written The main role of people there was to double-check paperwork, and my role was mortgage forms. Autonomy Feedback: Feedback is the degree to which the work performance results in the worker obtaining direct and clear information about the effectiveness of his performance. The researchers did not have control over the training or its structure. Clearly, there are many unanswered questions and we hope our research spurs further debate and theorizing that builds on the model and results reported here. The current work is responsive to suggestions that researchers begin to move beyond focusing on technology-centric variables as the end in itself and puts a spotlight on the downstream consequences of technology implementations Venkatesh ; Venkatesh, Davis, and Morris

Obviously, despite the large sample size, this research represents the experience of a single organization going through a largescale ERP system implementation. ERP Feedback?

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Technical assistance was also available via the central IT support department and the IT support department in each business unit. The organization set the time frames for the implementation and training, and limited the data collection opportunities to specified points in time during the implementation.

Autonomy can help improve Feedback is when people learn how they perform at work and how they are effective at work. The purpose of measuring perceived job transformation was as a manipulation check to determine whether the ERP system implementation created a change in jobs.

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The Job Characteristics Model