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It is a very divers ensemble, with different buildings of With the tendency of urbanization and population growth, a more sustainable urban water system becomes important to create harmonized environment between human and nature, thus it is necessary to discuss integrated urban water management in a holistic manner.

However, this impression we have of Norway, does not describe the real situation in Oslo. Exploring Nairobi as a city of arrival, my personal process in the development of this project was quite similar to that of coming to Nairobi as Intimate relationship development for the elderly: Transition from 'Volkstuin' community garden to residential environment Hong, Eunkyu author The family is the most intimate social environment given to us, and this basic social element plays an important role as we get older.

To narrow down the scope, I lay the focus on emotion communication in remote settings, a context when nonverbal communication is usually limited.

tu delft master thesis repository canton

However, the last one seems a big challenge, since every individual is different from each other, based on the factors as age, gender, clothing, activity, The existing elderly homes as well as public spaces can not accommodate the growing numbers of elderly anymore.

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