Triple jump phase

Your faster athletes will take longer to achieve maximum speed.

triple jump measurement

Isolating this part could have the athlete setting up a long jump like takeoff. Touchdowns that are ahead of the body are important as it permits time for the body to pass over the planted foot — allowing muscles of the leg to load up like a spring.

This is often caused by faulty postures. Day 5 - This a shake out or pre meet day, Dynamic warm up followed by multi throws or med ball throws.

triple jump rules

Early Olympics also included the standing triple jumpalthough this has since been removed from the Olympic program and is rarely performed in competition today. The remaining number of steps are done at maximum controllable speed. Teach the hop phase by having the athlete do: a walking single leg hop then incorporate the circling action of the hopping leg then multiple single legs hops with a circling leg, flat landing, and upright posture Consecutive bounds duplicate the step and jump actions and the athlete should do these with a double-arm action and land full footed.

There should be no marked difference between takeoff and previous steps of the approach other than the heel to toe rocking ground contact. As in the long jumpthe athlete's eyes should be focused beyond the pit for the entire jump. The take-off foot should be the athlete's strongest leg, as it will be used in the Hop and the Jump phases.

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Track and Field Jumping Progression Triple Jump