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Topic suggestions below could help you narrow your research for your tourism dissertation. Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved. Traditionally, the countries that have natural comparative advantage were seen as the focal point of the tourism industry, however the economic relationship of the industry has led the countries lacking such comparative advantage to use their history, heritage, culture, festivals and mega-events to promote and develop tourism.

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Tourism thesis A good example of this is exchange student programmes and gap year travel programmes. How tourists and residents discuss hot waves and extreme weather events in social media. Fuzzy numbers for uncertainty modelling in tourism References:. There may not be much literature to research in this area, but it may be an interesting area to research and discuss for your tourism dissertation.

This high cost differential is combined with deteriorating cost of international travel, which has resulted in the emergence of medical tourism. Pricing strategies by tourism firms: direct and indirect price discrimination, intertemporal price discrimination, behaviour-based price discrimination, bundling, refund policies etc.

All forms of copying, distribution or reproduction are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the Full Extent of Law. The price dynamics of medical procedures in developed economies is developed under stringent regulatory and legal frameworks, which is coupled with higher cost of living in these economies, therefore resulting in significantly higher costs in comparison with emerging and developing economies.

Dark tourism involves travelling to sites associated with suffering, death and atrocities such as castles and battlefields such as Culloden in Scotland, Auschwitz, nuclear disaster zones and genocide memorials.

References: Armstrong, M.

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