The song of the old mother essay

Which would make you think that it was either the way she was brought up or that the character is the mother of the children.

We assume the boy is younger than he is, because his age is only specified in the last stanza, and his father treats him younger than he really is. Online College Education is now free! The expertise is rather admired than the strength and the technique is very precisely explained Heaney seems unhappy and distanced from his farming family roots however he shows a good amount of admiration for farming men. The use of plural days might imply that they spend their entire life in idleness. Repetition Repeating words and phrases helps reinforce ideas and introduces echoes. The mother seems to be flirty, frivolous, lively, and the centre of attention in the pictures her daughter is looking at.

Wordsworth goes through a whole complex range of emotions felt by the elderly Margaret as she contemplates her missing son. The seeds of the fire are the life force. The poem is written in the ,first person, as if we are listening in to the woman's own thoughts.

Do you think they are both equally realistic?

The song of the old mother essay

Each line ends on a rising beat. The son appears to be going through a rebellion, as his father does not seem happy that he has done this, so it is a rebellion against the way he was brought up, and his parents.

Therefore it is very different to this poem.

Yeats was 34 years of age when the collection appeared and it would be his last venture into the purely romantic stage of his development as a poet. Tennyson brings out the agony felt by Ulysses at his old age, The influence of the Industrial age can be seen in Tennyson's usage of the word 'profits' in the very first line. Her daughter compares her to Marilyn Munroe, so the woman must have been very glamorous. The poem is written in the ,first person, as if we are listening in to the woman's own thoughts. To some extent what she says also reflects her own continuing sexual feelings and longings, present even in old age. This emphasises her life being so ritualistic and how old she is and close to death even as it is flickering away. Repetition Repeating words and phrases helps reinforce ideas and introduces echoes. Yeats uses figurative language to represent the character and create imagery. Also there seems to be jealousy of the mother towards her children because when she was a teenager she didnt think about love or beauty she had a hard tough life and now she looks at her kids and sees how diffrenet she was compared to them.

But, The Song of the Old Mother can be looked at in two ways. This is a gracious, indeed, consciously aesthetic poem, Yeats in his late-nineteenth-century mode. Yeats is comparing the character i. The mother is seeing herself as a slave to her kids complaing that none in the family puts her first.

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The poem is about the poet digging into his past and appears to be a modest poem. I rise in the dawn, and I kneel and blow Till the seed of the fire flicker and glow; And then I must scrub and bake and sweep Till stars are beginning to blink and peep; And the young lie long and dream in their bed Of the matching of ribbons for bosom and head, And their days go over in idleness, And they sigh if the wind but lift a tress: While I must work because I am old, And the seed of the fire gets feeble and cold.

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Life is effortless and carefree for the young while the aging person feels that life has become an effort to maintain.

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Poetry Analysis of The Song of the Old Mother, The Affliction of Margaret and Ulysses