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Her role is to identify the problems in the nursing field involving workplace violence in the emergency room. But working in the emergency room, recovery room or intensive care unit is especially advantageous. Many ER nurses go on to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing BSN and additional certifications for specialized care, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac, pediatric, and newborn life support. Above all remaining compassionate and respecting patient confidentiality through the use of excellent interpersonal and communication skills. In July, , Aaron became emotionally dysregulated and volatile at his residence that resulted in staff intervention, a visit to the emergency room, and 24hr observation while at the hospital as a result of his out of control behavior and refusal to cooperate. B scenario will be identified. Although nurses in the OR, work under the supervision of a surgeon, they still need to be able to function independently. Usually patients will arrive without prior appointment, either on their own or by an ambulance Circulating nurses may also replenish surgical supplies as needed during the procedure. They require the ability to make strong evaluations, decisive judgements and remain calm under pressure. Quiet, but with an underlying vibration waiting to explode.

It is with this understanding that the choice to consult with a neurologist by way of the telemedicine equipment is the decision of the emergency room physician.

Vitals including temp, pulse, blood pressure, resp, and O2 sat.

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Discuss personal examples of data that was missing or not shared, for example, following a trip to the emergency room. The nurse must be knowledgeable and able to make some decisions independently.

I am happy to say that the patient I interviewed patient C had a pleasant experience during their time at their health care facility Circulating nurse Another option for those interested in working in the operating room is working as a circulating nurse.

Second includes the spinal cavity, thorax, diaphragm, abdominal pelvic cavity, lungs and heart.

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I have also learned how to better assess these patients and help provide them with other resources that are needed, like depression related support groups or counseling Many life and death decisions fall into the hands of ER nurses, who must balance the workload of patients while staying focused. There are three different types of people who go to an emergency department.

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As I was walking and double checking to see if the hospital rooms were prepped and ready, a nurse ran by me and quickly said something to me. Quiet, but with an underlying vibration waiting to explode.

I observed a pt that has been coming in to the ER monthly for the past year for a toothache. Nursing school will include classes in microbiology, nutrition, and community health nursing. There are three different types of people who go to an emergency department. I have been very used to mental health being in an acute setting whether it be in the emergency room or the psychiatric floor. Some examples of these include chest pain, acute breathlessness, haemorrhage, burns and multiple injuries. So, there are people who come in with problems that are either minor or could have waited so the pt could have been seen in the clinic the next day. The ER nurse does a lot of teaching to pts who come in to the ER, especially to those who are not admitted to the hospital. The care given by a nurse can aid in healing, or cause major damage. Being a professional nurse means caring for the overall general health and comfort, as well as, caring for and nurturing other individuals. For instance, working in the operating room can be challenging and exciting, and no two days are exactly the same. Training programs may vary but are often between six months and a year. The Career of a Er Nurse. Traits needed Nurses who work in the operating room should be problem solvers and be confident making critical decisions. They currently work in doctors ' offices, Western Maryland Hospital, and in some schools as well.

Surgeons depend on their team, including nurses, to perform their job without a lot of direction.

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The Role of and Emergency Room Nurse