The philosophy of moral accountability applied to the foreign policies of the united states

A world of ordered liberty is an aspiration: policymakers are often compelled to compromise such aspirations because of the limitations imposed on them.

Moral responsibility philosophy

Teachers have power over students, and help them become educated adults. In addition to Epicurus, we can cite early Augustine, Thomas Reid — , and Immanuel Kant — as historical examples here. Austin, J. Some Historical Background What follows in this section is a brief outline of the origins and trajectory of reflection on moral responsibility in the Western philosophical tradition. The United States, like every nation, should pursue justice and order. Everson, Stephen, ed. The self-disclosure aspect of the attributability model is reflected in emphasizing that the target of appraisal must be judgment-sensitive. Compatibilists, on the other hand, contend that the truth of determinism would not undermine the relevant underlying judgments concerning the efficacy of praising and blaming practices, thereby leaving the rationale of such practices intact. Some revisionists seek to salvage much if not most of what they take to be linked to the folk concept Dennett 19; Honderich vol. His work focuses on the morality of war and on individual responsibility for collectively committed harms. However, a noteworthy new trend amongst both contemporary hard determinists and others who conclude that the conditions for the applicability of our folk concept cannot be jointly satisfied has been the move to offer a revisionist conception of moral responsibility or something analogous to moral responsibility and its associated practices rather than to reject talk about being responsible outright. McKenna, Michael, Civilian and military policymakers concerned with civilian causality mitigation absolutely must read this work. Knobe, J.

Governments have power over their citizens, and create the possibility of justice and ordered liberty. And here we stand in the tradition of centuries of Christian reflection on the role of the state and the just use of force, from Augustine to Aquinas, from Luther and Calvin to Niebuhr and Elshtain.

moral responsibility and determinism

In reaction to all this, some Americans have embraced a reactive, populist approach to world affairs that emphasizes a peculiar, paradoxical combination of American toughness towards her enemies and withdrawal from world leadership.

Smith, Angela M. Glover, Jonathan, But she equivocates on this issue.

Strawson freedom and resentment summary

The remainder of Aristotle's discussion is devoted to spelling out the conditions under which it is appropriate to hold a moral agent blameworthy or praiseworthy for some particular action or trait. Causal determinism is the view that everything that happens or exists is caused by sufficient antecedent conditions, making it impossible for anything to happen or be other than it does or is. Thoughtful Christians who take seriously the roles assigned by God to the church and the state, and who value the equal importance of justice and ordered liberty, should not be silent in the face of this shift. They should cultivate an awareness of history, replete with the folly of self-aggrandizing power. Politically, liberal order comprises accountable self-government, the rule of law, civil liberties, and religious freedom. Crawford might have argued in favor of full-fledged collective agency, thereby allying herself with Peter French and, more recently, with Christian List and Philip Pettit all of whose views she favorably cites. However, most understood the inner attitudes and emotions involved to rest on a more fundamental theoretical judgment about the agent's being responsible.

Nevertheless, his enduring influence is reflected in the ongoing rich discussion of the place and role of the reactive attitudes in human life and in the way contemporary theorists situate their models of responsibility in relation to the accountability model, which he helped to define.

Recognizing this problem, she points out that the moral responsibility of the collective agent does not vitiate the moral responsibility of the individuals constituting the organization.

Moral responsibility and free will

Nahmias, E. Through the reactive attitudes e. Some of the fiercest denunciations in the Old Testament are political, directed towards cities, kingdoms, empires, and their rulers. This has been a source of considerable confusion. Roberts, Jean, Second, the United States is still the leading power in the world, especially in partnership with its democratic partners and allies: No other nation or alliance has the economic, military, or political resources required to provide the organization, administration, and coordination required for global leadership. Strawson 6—10; Bennett: 40; Watson —; R. Levy, Neil, Martins Press. No nation is excused from the obligation to act justly. Teachers have power over students, and help them become educated adults. Versions of Strawson's view continue to be very ably defended, and shortly, more will be said about the significant way in which his work continues to shape contemporary discussion of the concept of responsibility. Our purpose here is to attempt to apply biblical principles to American foreign policy, an exercise that necessarily involves calculations of wisdom and reasoned judgment. Kennett, Jeanette, Emphasizing the latter two values at the cost of the former systemizes unforeseen civilian casualties in a way that at least partly vitiates the otherwise exculpatory role that the collateral nature of these harms is thought to play in our moral reasoning in general, and in the calculation of proportionality specifically.
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Moral Responsibility (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)