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What was the significance of the song that Boris played for Martha on their first date?

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Page 28 There is much in the book about anti-Semitic attitudes in the US in the s and the indifference to what was happening to the Jews in Germany. Chapter Thirty-Two 7. Chapter Thirty-Seven Explain how the proposed changes to German law revealed an increased emphasis on racial purity.

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What conclusion did they both draw about the threat Hitler posed to the rest of the world? I already know about how the Nazis came to power so the history piece of this is old news to me. Heil Hitler. What was the outcome of his visit? They had no conception of the harrowing days that lay ahead. What was their primary concern regarding the relationship between America and Germany? The clerk accused her of failure to pay taxes. The book contains numerous description of anti-Semitic remarks made by U. Why do you think they responded this way? What was the result of their dinner conversation? Welcome to the Garden of Beasts. Dodd favored restraint. Holmes to be just another true crime gore fest. The Berlin that the Dodds initially encountered appeared, on the surface, to be vibrant and full of promise.

Page She too had been shaken by the episode, but she did not let it tarnish her overall view of the country and the revival of spirit caused by the Nazi revolution. Chapter Five One study of Nazi records found that of a sample of denunciations, 37 percent arose not from heartfelt political belief but from private conflicts, with the trigger often breathtakingly trivial.

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Chapter Twenty-Five What was the outcome of the Reichstag trial?

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