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Sir Thomas More first used it in as the title of a book about such an ideal state. This drug is used to keep someone active for long periods of time. It is a world away from civilized London: the Zunis are impoverished, dirty, ravaged by disease and old age, and still cling to their ancient religion.

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Lenina has become popular because she is thought to be sleeping with the Savage. As usual, John and Helmholtz speak their minds, and so does the Controller, as usual, only Bernard worries about the "unpleasant realities of the situation.

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Huxley was making fun of English and American society; inhe couldn't have known how well he was describing the future development of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, which pretended to worship science but actually crippled it.

Anything for a quiet life. Bernard remembers that he left the Eau de Cologne tap in his bathroom open, pumping an expensive flow of unwanted scent. Linda reveals her shame at having given birth.

He is sociopathic, but wears the costume of a benevolent, articulate, and self-possessed father figure. Huxley makes a little joke at the expense of people who claim to recognize genius but really know no more about it than a sleeping child who can't speak the language it's expressed in.

There they listen to a kind of electronic pop music that might describe what rock musicians play on Moog synthesizers 50 years after the book was written. He remains willing to challenge society even if he can't change it, and accepts exile to the bleak Falkland Islands in the hope that physical discomfort and the company of other dissidents will stimulate his writing.

Soma creates a sense of bliss and elation that allows them to escape their pain.

His are not just airy theories. In it seemed funnier and more daring than it does today, especially in England, where the Anglican church is established linked to the state. After Huxley presents these themes in the first three chapters, the story begins. When John the Savage introduces him to Shakespeare, Helmholtz only appreciates half of it; despite his genius, he's still limited by his Utopian upbringing. Answer: our world is only as strong as we are willing to suffer for it. Bernard gets permission from the Controller to bring John and Linda, his mother, back to London. She screams, "You made me have a baby," which fills the Director and all the others there with real horror. One is that "history is bunk"; the society limits people's knowledge of the past so they will not be able to compare the present with anything that might make them want to change the present. Behaving according to Utopian principles, she sleeps with many of the Indians on the Reservation and never understands why the women despise her or why the community makes John an outcast. As Huxley worked on his book, his satire darkened.

Yes, Brave New World is a poison-filled candy, but at least it tastes good.

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