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We mustn't do bad things in front of those pretty eyes" Morrison Although not seen commenting on previous challenges to her books, Morrison specifically commented on this particular incident: "I mean if it's Texas or North Carolina as it has been in all sorts of states. Pecola portrays happier versions of her life through the imaginary character, Jane. Pauline "Polly" Breedlove: Pecola's mother, Mrs. She moves with Claudia Macteer, who is also a black girl. Also, Morrison beautifully explores the influence of a "white" world on other "black" characters and how those individuals deal or not deal The events of her life, having broken parents in a broken family, have resulted in a totally fractured personality which drives Pecola into madness. She yearns for blue eyes, the mark of beauty in the United States during the s. He tortures the family cat and harasses children who come to the nearby playground. He refuses to confront his own homosexuality and therefore, the touch of little girls whom he views as innocent and "seductive" are the cleanest form of human touch that he pursues. According to the ALA, the reasons reported for challenges are "offensive language, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, [and] violence". Although, there were numerous children who were not protected and guided properly by the adults in this novel, Pecola Breedlove is one of the most challenged characters of this story by Toni Morrison.

Maginot Line Marie : A prostitute who lives with two other prostitutes named China and Poland in an apartment above the one Pecola lives in. Although not seen commenting on previous challenges to her books, Morrison specifically commented on this particular incident: "I mean if it's Texas or North Carolina as it has been in all sorts of states.

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Sincerely I would recommend this novel to everyone. The exercise is also critical for any person who is black, or who belongs to any marginalized category, for, historically, we were seldom invited to participate in the discourse even when we were its topic.

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He considers himself to be a " misanthrope ". Thus, learning she has no value or beauty as a black girl, Claudia destroys her white Pecola Breedlove was a young girl growing up black and very poor in the early s. She has a deformed foot and sees herself as the martyr of a terrible marriage. Nobel Media AB This book was listed as recommended reading in the state's Common Core standards, but was challenged at the state's Board of Education, with teachers pushing to ban it from the classroom due to its explicit content. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the reader sees the young November 15, Her conviction is that is she had beautiful eyes, she would be beautiful and experience beautiful, happy things rather than scarring, depressing things that are her reality. Consequently, they give up the money they had been saving to buy a bicycle, instead planting marigold seeds with the superstitious belief that if the flowers bloom, Pecola's baby will survive. She has not yet learned the self-hatred that plagues her peers. However, most characters in the novel pass on their shame to someone below them on the social and racial ladder. There were several different characters that impacted the life of Pecola Breedlove destructively. Claudia and her older sister, Frieda, have learned their life lessons from their mother. Toni Morrison uses blue eyes to symbolize beauty and acceptance in society.

For example, when Mr. The epitome of this, Page argues, is seen in Pecola at the end of the novel.

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Pecola is continually reminded of what an "ugly" girl she is by members of her neighborhood and school community.

Still, she is completely ignored by the man who is working at the candy shop.

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It presents a hard story that some black families lived then and maybe continue living. Frieda can be classified as determined, independent and stubborn at times.

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Morrison explores and exposes these themes in relation to the underlying factors of black society: racism and sexism. She references parts in the book where the main characters are taught to feel less than human, specifically when the shopkeeper avoids touching Pecola's hand when giving her candy. Throughout history, civilizations have felt the need to distinguish between rich and poor, Pagans and Christians, black and white. Pecola is angered by this, but the anger quickly becomes shame. Geraldine: A socially conscious upperclass black woman in the community who exaggerates the fact that she is above traditional black stereotypes and is more "civilized" than other black families in Lorain, Ohio. Whether the character is the victim or the aggressor, they Specifically the collapse of Pecola Breedlove, due to her belief that she did not hold beauty. The Bluest Eye illuminates true dependence on absolute beauty; the yearn of conforming to an ultimate standard of it.

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