Swot and pest of fast food

Getting this right could lead to above average or even superior profits.

Swot analysis of fast food industry in india

One pound menus will become more popular as consumers impacted on by the recession looking for a cheaper option, this will push down the average transaction spend. As well as this massive advertising budget they have a limited yet carefully designed menu. Currently government are controlling the marketing of fast food restaurant because of health concern such as cardiovascular and cholesterol issue and obesity among the young and children in the country. Here in the West, you can order your food through an app. But when considering the entirety of small takeaway businesses in the UK, most of them are in-fact forced to take this strategic route. If they go up too much this could result in McDonalds raising the prices but at the moment it is just lowering profit. Add in the increased costs of labor and operations, and owning a fast food joint becomes a costly venture. These trends may range from innovation to marketing and customer service. International journal of contemporary hospitality management, 12 6 June, pp. Regular meetings in which the reports are reviewed will provide better means to identify and remove obstacles and inhibitors to change. People are now a lot more concerned with there health due to the government making people aware of the dangers of not eating healthily. Such strong dominance means that suppliers will have little bargaining power over the price they get, only regulations and free trade agreements will ultimately protect them. And Burger King will need to increase their marketing budget to prevent consumers from forgetting about them.

Exchange rate fluctuations will also affect the operations of the company. They also have an app for discounts and orders.

Swot and pest of fast food

Perfect for mass market production, it enables them to make just a select number of meals with timely precision. The marketing needs must comply with the legal regulations. Customer love junk food for its deliciousness but health consciousness among people has affected the sales. The food regulations and laws have affected the food quality and nutrition standards. But companies cannot build a culture of innovation without cultivating people who do Gadrey, No matter the laws for an industry may vary from country to country but when it counts to food hygiene the laws across the globe are similar and not only the government, even the public will be very much concerned about the hygiene. Economic Factors While economic recession has affected many businesses at global level, it has brought significant influence to fast food industry as well. Pest analysis of McDonalds Political Factors In general political factors do not affect companies as much.

Future strategic aspects for SIA 1. The use of electronic gadgets or robots to operate manual devices such as in the automotive industry or for manual handling of raw materials using robots will be a common trend for that generation of ; the use of robots in the food industry will be a common trend in future.

Burger king have low cost and ever more expensive meal options, topping the five pounds mark. However I believe this is weak as each brand will have individual suppliers and the more powerful they get the more bargaining power they will have.

Analysis of Threats Competing restaurants located nearby represent a threat to your business, especially if you sell similar types of food or have similar dining experiences. This can be done by having healthier products available such as sandwiches and they can also provide a wider variety of hot drinks and more cakes and muffins.

swot analysis of a restaurant sample

The high or labor costs determine the wage rates in various countries. Though Pepsi is world leader in food and beverages, but to analyze the company it is important to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and this can be done by doing SWOT Analysis of PepsiCo.

Swot analysis food and beverage industry

They want to have quality in services and more conveniences that can differentiate one restaurant from another. The improved inventory system as well as the supply chain enables the organization to work in a global context. The nature of these changes was unclear, but they could lead to higher operations costs, which could further cut revenues. It is also important to recognise and reward all those people who make these early gains possible Kotter, , p. This is based on the inflation rate in It is important that McDonalds abide by these rules not just purely for health and safety but also to keep up their reputation. It covers Political, Environmental, Social and Technological factors that affect your business. With stores in different countries they have to interact with the stores through technology such as e-mails and telephone. Competition has increased to highest level when it comes to the ways of engaging customers. An example of this is supplies such as beef, milk, flour, sugar and yeast to be used in its products.

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SWOT Analysis of Burger King: Is the fast food industry saturated?