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Meanwhile, high-quality evocative content — interviews, event highlights, and exclusive glimpses behind the scenes, for example — is another way to get partners involved.

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Will a given partnership turn fans and visitors into customers? With naming rights not yet seeing widespread use in France, Italy, or Spain, Germany and England represent the main driving forces behind this trend. It's a near perfect match. It is becoming the new norm. There may be a diminishing effect for purists and the older generations, but for the newer generations arguably the target audience for the long-term , this will be the norm for stadium names. Some arguments against: Historically, nothing indicates a positive ROI for these moves. When this succeeds, all of the partners involved stand to benefit from the rising value of naming rights for years to come. Therefore, increasing stadium capacity and stadium design, either by an expansion and redevelopment of a current stadium or the development of a new stadium, optimises these valuable revenue streams. There have been a number of cases in North America where clubs or venues have sought to disassociate themselves from naming rights partners who were subject to bankruptcy proceedings, including, the Tennessee Titans in the case of the Adelphia Coliseum, the Rams in the case of the Trans World Dome and the Houston Astros in case of Enron Field 8. The Denver Broncos have spent the last few years searching for a new corporate naming rights partner. What is it called? Share this:.

It's a near perfect match. In addition to video content, digital assets like event-specific stickers or photo filters that sponsors and event organisers can create together are gaining relevance in this regard.

In such circumstances, the million-dollar question is: how easily can either the club, or the sponsor, disassociate itself from the other?

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The issue surrounding the former LA County Memorial Coliseum is particularly interesting, since it appears unlikely that that this agreement may be terminated unilaterally by the contracting parties in circumstances where third parties object to the rebrand.

The only better match I can think of is if JetBlue had won the contract in the Meadowlands as was rumored. In addition, the proliferation of global connectivity and the distribution over several different types of media broadcast, digital, streaming means that high-profile sports clubs have the ability to attract tens of thousands of spectators from domestic and international markets.

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The power of live interaction in particular is enabling clubs to connect with fans directly and achieve high engagement rates through social media.

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