Shared writing articles

Shared writing articles

In Conclusion… While shared writing can never take the place of giving kids time and space to practice their own writing, you might find that it can play an important role along side your minilessons, conferences, small group work, and all the other important methods you have in your teaching repertoire. You can always publish a final draft later. An example of interactive writing: You can see that the teacher wrote most of the words, but students wrote the initial consonants, G, T, F, and T. Shared writing takes kids through the entire writing process together through oral storytelling: from gathering ideas, to drafting and revising a complete piece. You can see in the above example that all of the writing was done by the teacher you can tell by the handwriting that the kindergarteners did not write the words. Duke, N. The teacher does the physical writing. With older students, there might not be pictures at all—the shared writing should mirror what the kids will be doing on their own. Shared writing is taught to small groups or a whole class in briskly paced, 5- to minute lessons. For older students, begin with a root word and demonstrate how to add prefixes or suffixes to a new word. When clear and targeted modeling of the ways in which writers work is presented by teachers and co-constructed with students during collaborative, rich discussion, learners develop understanding of the purposes, intrinsic motivation, and techniques of writing. How long does shared writing take?

At Levels F-2, the teacher might: construct a recount of a class trip to the zoo with the students begin by listing all the ideas that the students feel are important in this recount seek their support to identify the sequence of events, as they will need to be written in the text discuss how this needs to make sense for those who were not there on the day.

What do you think? For older students, begin with a root word and demonstrate how to add prefixes or suffixes to a new word. Or is this different than what you had heard in the past?

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How long does shared writing take? On the other hand, we refer to interactive writing when the kids come up to the chart paper and actually do some of the physical writing on the page.

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Do not deliberately make errors during shared writing. In this way you can gradually release responsibility to the learner, and give them a little boost to get over whatever hang-up is keeping them from getting going.

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I much prefer a mixture of the two. Shared writing helps you reach those verbal kids who need to and like to talk in order to think and understand, while at the same time supporting the kids who are less comfortable and need extra practice in the speaking and listening department.

Then, when I think the children have got the idea, I will write a sentence with a blank space at the beginning and ask children for contributions.

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Shared writing provides kids with a mentor text that they had a hand in creating, so that their understanding of the meaning of text, as well as the craft and structure is very strong. Duke, N. For older students, begin with a root word and demonstrate how to add prefixes or suffixes to a new word. Then finally you only write a sentence or two. Then the next time you only write a few paragraphs. Pearson, P. Farstrup Eds. In constructing a meaningful text, students at any age need to be considering why the text is being written and who will read it. As such, it becomes a true collaboration that maximises student involvement. Add a word using a caret, for example, or delete unneeded text. You can always publish a final draft later. This will assist them to make decisions about both the content of the written piece and its form.

The student comes up with the words, you write it down.

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Nine steps to leading effective shared writing sessions