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The gravedigger is generally acting consciously, and it may be useless for him to appear melancholic while making the grave.

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King: At supper? Now, it is necessary to show how we will approach our study. Dogberry is a funny character.

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How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Comedy is therefore easy to remember, but tragedy difficult to forget and we cannot prevent the hero from his tragic end. When going to a Shakespearean play one will find the experience in its self, is one of love, loss, and tragedy. As we have stated before, we are not perfectly satisfied to the end. She is able to show the reader the balance between excess and moderation. London: Penguin Books. They always serve the serious function of making a contribution to the structure of the drama. Conventionally he reflects the role of the fool in the Elizabethan period. This idea cannot be denied, and we may suppose that we have carefully shown the passages where both humour and tragedy have been. Twelfth Night takes the audience on a gender-bending journey, while maintaining all the elements of true love throughout. When he needs what you have gleaned, it is but squeezing you, and, sponge, you shall be dry again. On the first skull he says: "It might be the pate of a politician.

Mercutio is also a funny person whose language is also full of sexual innuendo. An example of this is found in Act 2 scene 3 where Sir Toby, a nobleman, scolds Malvolio and reminds him he is just a servant when Malvolio rebukes Sir Toby a nobleman for his unruly behavior.

Whereas the tragic atmosphere, is rather characterized by fear and sadness when Hamlet is pierced at the end of act five. Hamlet: It was a brute part of him, to kill so capital a calf there. The nurse is warm, funny and protective. Their relationship in the first section is therefore interesting and humorous rather than tormenting. It also produces an effect of relief from the dramatic tension. He is also a performer and engages is some quite daft antics but always with a sharp wit. In that case, Polonius remains his inferior and defenceless. And certainly their opposition impresses on us a dramatic appropriateness which helps us to distinguish between funny and serious discourse. He then goes on to discuss the importance of Feste as a figure of comedic truth in the play and his relationships with the other characters such as: Malvolio who is seen as his antagonist, Maria who is described as his companion and Sir Toby Belch like Feste has a tendency to encourage mischief. In the graveyard over the skulls he is sardonic and pathetic, and over Yorick's he is melancholy.

The difference again between humour and tragedy is presently that: the former has an emotional release, joy and excitement and the latter has an emotional constraint, sadness and suffering. However its effect is stronger and endless.

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It is as a result of their combined humour and wit why the play works. Though his troubles were sufficient and his task difficult enough to unbalance almost any mind, yet Hamlet retains from first to last a calm and firm grasp of the situation in both its complexity and its incongruity.

We may further suppose that fate performs half of what Hamlet may have wished to destroy in Polonius; we mean that once fate does it Polonius is brought to HamletHamlet will always display what he resents about him.

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Hamlet's Humor: The Wit of Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark