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You may also see define marketing plan and its purpose? Audience Analysis It is quite obvious that working as an employee, for me, is just a route to fulfilling my personal dream of running an entrepreneurial venture that can contribute to the social good.

However, guided by my heart desires, I will market myself to areas where my training and skills are relevant and highly used in order to attain a competitive advantage over other applicants whose training and skills are less relevant to the areas that they often apply for jobs.

The one drawback to the placement is the actual location of the restaurant. Evaluate if you really need money now or is it still necessary to improve your skills and build up your worth. Ask yourself these questions from time to time.

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In other words, everything needs a blueprint and that includes your own personal journey to your career growth or personal life. Cashiers station was easily accessible by the staff. Properly execute your personal brand promotion as if you are marketing a product or a limited offer.

I decided not to rely on the advertised job opportunities and opted to walk into the human resource offices in specific companies that I would wish to work for and sell my knowledge and skills.

In addition, majority of the trained individuals lacking job opportunities are more educated and experienced than the fresh graduate is, and thus diminishes his or her chance of acquiring an employment opportunity. Thus, when I pursue my college education I decided that I want to take up accounting and learn the systematic process of managing finances.

I am currently enrolled in MBA with minors in Finance. Apart from ap er s the job market is intended mainly for developing my skills and learning the major tactics of practical marketing. I intended to carryout my personal knowledge and skills in uniquely manner, which would grant me a higher competitive advantage over other job seekers that are available in the society.

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