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Add your own custom invitation wording to any free business invitation template. Instead, you want them to read the details in full.

Maybe they're getting other save-the-date notices.

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Include necessary information Save-the-dates are pre-invitation and requires only direct and brief details regarding the event. Location LinesThe venue, city, and state are written out in full with no abbreviations.

You want people to notice your Save the Date — not toss it to the side. Wedding Invitation Wording Examples When wording your invitations, we suggest that you follow traditional etiquette to the extent that you find it helpful.

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Or, a ball may simply be an opportunity to thank donors for past participation. Formal invitations refer to the groom by his full name, preceded by his title. Simply writing "Save the Date! If you will be holding an event for a cause, save-the-dates will also give the donors enough time to decide and save an amount of donation. For the most formal reply cards, there is a single line of text requesting a reply along with blank space for guests to write in their responses. Make your own sales event invitations online. Your recipient is expected to be doing anything else, so help him or her save time by writing a direct, concise, and simple subject line. With such an inventive take on "Read Across America Day," people will remember your "Save the Date" and they'll be sure to note the date on their calendars — because they wouldn't miss this for the world! Instead, you want them to read the details in full. Also, you must maintain a consistent branding, especially when you are doing business, throughout all your elegant invitations. Then tell her story.

Make sure that your lines are open for any possible queries, inquiries, and comments. In Brief… Save-the-dates are pre-invitations that inform people that a certain event will take place sometime in the future.

We generally advise couples to mail their invitations approximately 8 weeks prior to their wedding day. You may also see baby shower save-the-date designs and examples.

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Save the Date Wording