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As Reconstruction collapsed in the late s, legislators, policymakers, and, above all, judges began to marshal the arguments they needed to justify the reinstatement--and subsequent expansion--of miscegenation law. Bruce R. Walker Lewis and Joseph T. The arguments white supremacists used to justify for miscegenation laws--that interracial marriages were contrary to God's will or somehow unnatural--are echoed today by the most conservative opponents of same-sex marriage. All male mules and most female mules are infertile because donkeys have 62 chromosomes, whereas horses have 64; mules therefore have 63 - which cannot then divide into chromosome pairs. Now in Utah finally accepted legalized black-white inter-marriage and then in the LDS Church accepted it doctrinally although begrudgingly and black-white sealings are now performed in temples across the world. Whitaker, March 27, , in the University of Utah Library. Sometime before , little Harriet was purchased by Thomas H.

Richards,Vol. Whitaker, March 27,in the University of Utah Library.

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In the South the white and colored elements are brought in close proximity to each other, and with bad results. In Utah extended its anti-miscegenation statute to prohibit a "white" from marrying a "Mongolian, a member of the malay race [Filipino] or a mulatto, quadroon, or octoroon…. Salt Lake Herald, February 1, , p. The Stantons had been some of the first converts of the church living in the Kirtland area, being baptized on November 30, In , the opposing view of Interracial Marriage was stated in the article, Introduction to Interracial Relationships: At Issue written by a variety of sources. At this time in Utah history, black-white marriages were not illegal, but as shown, their sexual relations were, and were punishable by severe fine and a lengthy prison sentence. Thus the Oregon Supreme Court declared that Oregon's miscegenation law did not discriminate in this case, against Indians because, as the judge explained, it ""applied alike to all persons, either white, negroes, Chinese, Kanaka, or Indians. For more than a decade, abolitionists urged the Massachusetts state legislature to repeal the law; finally, in , they succeeded. Buy this magazine now.

Just three and a half years later, Enoch and Matilda faced each other and under God pledged their marital vows in an extraordinary act of newly gained social and political freedom. After British colonies turned into American states, they continued, one by one, to pass miscegenation laws, until, by the time of the Civil War, they covered most of the south, much of the mid-West, and were beginning to appear in western states, too.

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Here, for example, is the declaration that the Supreme Court of Virginia used to invalidate a marriage between a black man and a white woman in The purity of public morals," the court declared, "the moral and physical development of both races. In this talk he linked the priesthood ban with prohibiting intermarriage with black people in What is our policy in regard to inter-marriage? Enoch Lovejoy Lewis — married 1 M. First Presidency to Dr. In Massachusetts, in the s, a remarkable group of radical abolitionists went out on a limb to argue that the Massachusetts miscegenation law contradicted the fundamental American principle of civil equality. I also found one egregiously offensive advertisement in the Mormon-run Salt Lake Herald from Commonwealth, Va. Their judicial rulings were iconic and profoundly influenced American life for decades. If it is I desire to Know, as I have Yet got to learn it. Currently the LDS Church fully accepts black-white civil marriages and has performed black-white sealings in temples for more than thirty years — and the feared and promised destruction of humanity has not taken place. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Leon F. Buy this magazine now.

But the certainty and monotony with which some will always sound the death knell for society, morality, and faith, just because two adults choose to marry, cannot obscure the reality that we heard virtually the same arguments for almost three hundred years to justify preventing two black people from marrying and then a black man from marrying a white woman.

Peggy Pascoe, my undergraduate advisor at the University of Utah now at the University of Oregonwho started me on this incredible journey by introducing me to African American history.

Although, the point of view may not appeal to everyone the author gives a logical and simplistic authority.

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Woolley upon the case of Bro Nopp that he had forfeited his right to the priesthood marrying the seed of Cain and had reflected [sic -rejected] the council given him by the council it was moved by Pres S A Woolley and Sec[onded] by Elder J[oseph] Lloyd that he be cut off. We lift our hands to heaven in support of this. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. This article showed and explained many credible historic facts about interracial marriages, which explained the controversial aspect of the topic in depth. By and large, however, Americans adjusted remarkably quickly to the new judicial consensus that interracial marriage, like marriage itself, was, as Earl Warren had insisted in Loving, "a basic civil right. Some mixed couples were allowed to be endowed and sealed, but their children were not or even vice versa. Brigham Young's "dirty laundry" became a matter of public record as the Supreme Court was given dates and places that Young had sexual relations with the married Augusta Cobb. Appleby arrived there on December 2 from his mission presiding over the eastern states. The power of these laws was reflected in the variety of ways that the laws were enforced, civil as well as criminal. If the campaign for same-sex marriage succeeds and I hope, very much, that it does , it will be not only because of the efforts of lesbian and gay activists but because of the civil rights advocates black, white, Asian American and American Indian who spent so much of the twentieth century working to put an end to American's three-century tradition of miscegenation laws.

A respectable characteristic of the anti-interracial marriage article, is the writer has evidence to support the opinions stated which is most important. Bruce R. It is important to remember that there are real differences in the case of gay marriage and so- called mixed marriages.

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Juvenile Instructor, Vol. February 8,Nauvoo Municipal Court minutes, per D. A dozen states passed laws prohibiting whites from marrying American Indians; a dozen more targeted Asian Americans; nine targeted Filipinos.

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