Rabbit proof fence notes

Neville, blinded by Anglo-Christian certainty, evolutionary world view, and conventional wisdom.

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They became very savvy—asking for food from farmers and then taking off in the wrong direction and then doubling back in case they were reported.

The girls, desperate for food and drinkable water, rely on the survival skills they learned from their tribe as often as they are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers—strangers who often report them to the authorities as soon as the girls are out of sight.

Rabbit proof fence notes

She endures teasing from the other Aboriginal children, but as the number of half-caste, or mixed-race, children in the area begins to grow, Molly feels less alone. Neville is the government's official in dealing with Aborigine issues. This scene is critical to Rabbit-Proof Fence, reminding its audience that the plight of Aboriginals is not simply a by-product of benign neglect and well-meaning but ill-consider policies. The betrayal is revealed by Riggs, who tells the man he will receive a shilling for his help. The girls set off with only bread crumbs in their calico bags. Release in a time when the Stolen Generations were a contentious issue, the film proved controversial; conservative commentators accused it of misrepresenting the facts. The town lies along the northern part of one of the fences making up Australia's rabbit-proof fence called Number One Fence , which runs for over one thousand miles.

It concerns the author's mother, and two other young mixed-race Aboriginal girls, who ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement, north of Perth, in order to return to their Aboriginal families, after being placed there in Eventually if they marry, it will be to white people and thus the Aboriginal "blood" will diminish.

The information finds its way to an Aboriginal traveller who "helps" the girls. Chapter 1 In the early s, two leaders of Aboriginal tribes separately encounter white English colonists.

Anyone who tried to escape was placed in the "boob" jailbeaten with a strap, had their heads shaved and were given only bread and water for a week.

Neville called Mr. Rabbit-Proof Fence was released in Australia in and as well as being a box office success in Australia, sold to numerous overseas markets, achieving cinema distribution in key territories including the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Neville, had the power to relocate half-Aboriginal children from their families to educational centers to learn the culture of the white man.

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They will then presumably become labourers and servants to white families, regarded as a "good" situation for them in life.

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Notes for Rabbit Proof Fence