Phases of operation research

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3 phases of operations research

Operations Research Phases Following are the six phases and processes of operational research: Formulate the problem: This is the most important process, it is generally lengthy and time consuming. Example Maximize the gain of the production oriented company.

Phases of operation research

The advanntages of using mathematical models are - Explain the problem in brief Makes whole structure of problem understandable Provide help to reveal significant cause-and-effect relationships Mentions clearly about what additional data are relevant for analysis Creates a bridge to use mathematical technique in computers to examine 3. He has to sell the idea of utility of O. Therefore the implementing authority has to resolve the behavioral issues. Develop a model: Once a problem is formulated, the next step is to express the problem into a mathematical model that represents systems, processes or environment in the form of equations, relationships or formulas. Minimize the losses of the trading company. We have to passed away from all above mentioned phases we get an appropriate model to solve the Linear Programming Problem. Step V.

The main aim of OR team is to obtain an optimal solution which minimizes the cost and time and maximizes the gains. Constructing a mathematical model, Deriving the solutions, Since wrong formulation cannot yield a right decision, Testing the model one must be considerably careful while execution this I.

The utility or validity of the solution can be verified by comparing the results obtained without applying the solution with the results obtained when it is used.

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The system generally is computer-based. Implement the solution: The implementation of the solution involves so many behavioural issues and the implementing authority is responsible for resolving these issues.

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A managerial report infers output of the model and its implications for applications. Final Execution or Implementation The end phase of an OR study is to implement the system as agreed by the management. Constructing a Model to Represent the System under Study: Once the project is approved by the management, the next step is to construct a model for the system under study. A good practitioner of OR and society. Preparing to execute the model After the ending of testing phase, the next step is to implement a well-documented system for practically implementing the model. It has a scientific approach It uses various scientific methods, models and tools to solve complex organizational problems. Solution and Testing In this step the solution of the problems is obtained with the help of model and data input. Operations Research is the scientific study of large systems with a view to identify problem areas and provide the managers with a quantitative basis for decisions which will enhance their effectiveness in achieving the specified objectives. Share and Recommend. Minimize the losses of the trading company. Stages of Development of Operations Research Step I: Observe the problem environment: The first step of OR study is the observation of the environment in which the problem exists.

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Operational Research