Multiple user network administration security essay

These possible attack vectors have a wide range of avenues to circumvent and corrupt or steal digital media.

Multiple user network administration security essay

Authentication The most common way to identify someone is through their physical appearance, but how do we identify someone sitting behind a computer screen or at the ATM?

I figured that because I have a heavy computer background that includes building networks, servers, computers and workstation that this was the way to go.

I will go over some of the standards used to help secure businesses and data all over the world. You know your network; your attacker doesn't. Information System majors will increasingly find themselves with opportunities and responsibilities in these areas. Unlimited plans have no data caps, however a client 's download and upload speeds may be throttled amid times of network congestion. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. Benefits of being a network and computer systems administrator abound. Take, for example, password policies.

Using a remote-control program, one can access a PC remotely to exchange files between systems, run applications, take control of a client PC or server in order to troubleshoot a problem, and much more. Companies lose millions of dollars and suffer damage to computer systems.

network administrator essay

This distinction is enormous. Critical data should be backed up daily, while less critical data could be backed up weekly.

Consider buffer overflow attacks. Make his job harder by disguising things, adding honey pots and booby traps, etc. One of the primary methods that is used to steal passwords is to simply figure them out by asking the users or administrators. Green to have network support and connect the computers together to share files and printers Most products that use security are not designed by anyone with security expertise. Most systems administrators and users have built up a tolerance to attempted hacking. Products provide some protection, but the only way to effectively do business in an insecure world is to put processes in place that recognize the inherent insecurity in the products. Of course every computer user runs into obstacles from time to time, whether it is the blue screen of death, the forgotten password, or the loss of important data. I could relate many topics that were discussed in our class.

Physical intrusion detection: High-value information assets should be monitored through the use of security cameras and other means to detect unauthorized access to the physical locations where they exist.

Food and Drug Administration Department FDA has a guideline for radio frequency wireless technology in medical devices to avoid unauthorized access [13]. If you have a process in place to watch those logs, you'll catch the intrusion in progress.

The Orange Book, which is still widely used by security professionals, rates the security protection offered by operating systems on a scale from A, the most secure to D the least secure.

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Essay on Network Administrator