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The goal that I propose is to include marketing to a younger group with a disposable income. Managing the meaning of an organizational mission statement.

Recommendation My recommendation to Harley executives is to remember to stay true to the brand, but to attempt to market products to find new consumer within the US. It may potentially prevent manufacturing jobs from being transferred outside of the U.

Moreover, this mission statement indicates market segmentation, which Harley-Davidson uses to focus on certain groups of customers in the global motorcycle market.

Normally these motives result in common goals and objectives.

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We will evaluate each goal to measure whether it meets this criterion and the needs of the main stakeholders. Employees of Harley are encouraged to provide input and incorporate changes to improve products as well the production process.

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All for Freedom. Lucas, J. Harley-Davidson, Inc. What all riders have in common regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity is they are all freedom-loving, adventure-seeking individuals whom aspire to the values Harley-Davidson stands for — independence, authenticity and the passion for being on the open road. As a result, the company has faltered but never truly failed. For more details view our company strategy PDF. The improvements, if effective will add to the Harley Davidson ethos.

Discourse and the projection of corporate culture: The mission statement. High impact, iconic motorcycles that will reinvent the product segments where we compete.

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Grow Our Business without Growing Our Environmental Impact We will also be increasingly environmentally and socially responsible, paying close attention to the impact we make on the planet and society. Our Strategy We are building the next generation of riders globally and fostering the incredible feeling of personal freedom you get from behind the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Anatomy of a vision statement. This will allow the company to move product to the correct customer at the correct time. The main benefit is that because HD believes in employees participating in the product development process it has created a learner centric environment. For example, within this product mix, the company is expected to add more product lines to grow its business. Measuring motive imagery contained in the vision statement. The goal is not completely measurable. The company stays on course with its strategic plan, despite the economy and the decline of American manufacturing and what might be considered its dwindling U. Creating a vision statement that is shared and works.

Deliver Superior Return on Invested Capital HDMC One of our greatest core strengths has been and will continue to be delivering superior financial returns to our shareholders. Throughout the world, Harley-Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically.

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Product development. All for Freedom. Employees benefit from this goal. Creating a vision statement that is shared and works. In the past Harley on produced one bike per plant. Being recognized as an iconic brand is gratifying, but igniting the fire within people on the many roads of the world is what we are all about. It's building new riders that will keep us cruising for another century and beyond, and our efforts are squarely on inspiring new riders who will one day carry the torch for our sport and our brand.
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