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Participatory leaders acknowledge that there is information to be gained by engaging with their employees. These programs are often spearheaded by organizations, after-school program administrators, church groups, organizational development teams, clubs, and other activities-related enterprises.

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Laisse-Faire style is the last type of leadership where the task is not a concern, the employees are the only concern in this type of leadership Leadership does not have to mean or be the same thing for all people. However this does not mean the leadership style alone will be responsible for all the performance of workers and attainment of goals I greatly respect my nurse director on her promptness of returning emails, phone calls, and prioritization of issues.

I have worked at Oaklawn Hospital for twenty one years with amazing nurses under department directors that are unable to lead the department in such a way that fostered or persuaded staff to be willing partners in the department.

Leadership styles essay paper

In fact there is no substitute for effective leadership Gupta, There are numerous leadership styles. Transactional leadership style: This kind of leadership style has no relevancy with the decision making process or the involvement of employees within the organization into any decision. However, autocratic and democratic leadership styles are very distinct in how decisions are made, the methods of communication and the relationship with gender. I have had numerous leaders that have influenced my career and leadership style to this point. In reviewing the 8 leadership styles, I would classify myself as having a participative leadership style. These include: what is the task to be delegated? Indeed, the ability to communicate is essential to being an effective leader.

There is a unique dynamic at this school and it is derived from the genuine appreciation, care and consideration that the school leaders feel for their teachers. In his research on different types of leadership, Joseph, n.

In some cases, I would also rely on past experiences and try methods that I have used with other patients.

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In such situation, the leader can guide the followers in proper way and can ensure their growth as well. As here the impact of leadership has been measured on employees so the situation could be related to the experience or inexperience level of employees. According to Cherry, n. On one occasion I had a patient who had a pressure ulcer and complained a lot about lying on her side. In fact there is no substitute for effective leadership Gupta, Some leaders may be authoritarian, where their rules are law and enforced in a utilitarian fashion. The Leadership Quarterly, 21 3 New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. It is the former that theorists link to a higher levels of emotional intelligence in the managers, as well as higher levels of performance in their subordinates. It is the emergency nurse in me. A wise professor once said, "That if you are leading and no one is following you, you are just taking a walk". When one understands his or her leadership style this can work strongly to one 's advantage. Tate, C. Well known world leaders such as Julius Caesar, Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth I, and Mahatma Gandhi are remembered, among other things, for their ability to inspire their followers towards a common goal.

Transformational leaders are able to motivate beyond expectations through their ability to influence attitudes Al-Sawai, Coach Meyer is married and has three children.

I consider myself to be fairly competent in the area of communication.

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