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I can tell she is becoming overwhelmed. The reason behind the unmet caring expectations was traced back to the language and cultural barrier that exists between the patients and nurses across Saudi Arabia.

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Watson This can be demonstrated by the nurses who were engaged in the pilot program saying that they better served their patients Ryan, For example, upon assessing a patient, just greeting them with a warm smile with direct eye contact can be a comforting feeling.

Provided opportunity for her tour, c.

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The 10 Carative factors revitalized why I am a nurse and why I continue to be a nurse. University campus savannah campus savannah campus savannah campus savannah campus savannah campus. Sharing and identifying the caritas used during the transpersonal moment will open communication, understanding, and acceptance of the caring theory.

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Instillation of faith-hope. Listening and understanding how the patient is feeling and why the patient are reacting to the moment the way they are will lead to a better understanding and empathy.

If there is anything I am able to do for others that takes nothing but a simple effort, then I think the gratitude should be from bringing comfort and satisfaction where needed.

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A nursing theory, jean watson nursing with the professional practice are chronicled. Watson was able to apply her knowledge in the field of mental health and human emotions to the nursing profession As a nurse, I want to care for all my patients with the hope of improving their health and outlook on their life. D in education psychology and counseling Chantal, Development of faith and hope: The belief in spiritual being can assist in the healing process. When I went into Ms. The nursing concepts developed by Watson have been tried and proven both professionally and personally. Along with that, it was clearer to the nurses what was expected of them as nurses.

These factors include humanistic- altruistic values, systematic use of the scientific problem-solving method for decision making, gratification of human needs, promotion of interpersonal teaching and learning.

Caring for a patient can raise their spirits and can inspire a better outlook on their situation. I comment on the bear that is seems to be a security item for the child.

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Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring Research Paper