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We have many take sways and restaurant so people who come to the UK for business and holiday have some type of food which reminds them of home. However, food habits differ depending on the region. Chicken and eggs are both central to much of the food eaten in Eastern cultures. Sausages, sauerkraut and strudel are also widely eaten. In Turkey, the head of the family or a guest is always served his food before anyone else. The European colonization of the Americas yielded the introduction of European ingredients and cooking styles to the U. Peanuts are eaten often and in many different forms — from a dish of salted peanuts to ground butter to sauce flavoring to part of a stew. Greek food consist of pita, gyros, tzatziki and souvlaki often served with Retsina or Ouzo. This yin-yang approach yields one of the most useful English-language titles in Chinese cookery, not least because the author devotes significant attention to adapting these dishes to the Western kitchen in terms of both ingredients and kitchen equipment. Wat is the national dish of Ethiopia; a stew made with chicken, meat or vegetables. In China, harmony is a vital trait in almost every aspect of life. Four Common Foods Found in all Eastern Cuisines: Unleavened bread — Arabian cuisine uses wheat to make a flat bread which is served with tahini. In many cases, Japanese food is adapted and reinvented to fit the taste buds of the local populace. Blini and pirozhki also originate from Russia.

These first immigrants were Cantonese, so most early Chinese restaurants in the United States were firmly based in Cantonese cuisine. It is impossible to objectively decide which cuisine is most delicious, but if you consider your taste buds, they know what will make you mouth water.

Citing the unhealthiness of a diet heavy in fatssugarsrefined starchesand saltit minimized the use of those ingredients. Latin American cuisine is of increasing interest in North America.

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Then there are the amazing variety of local cuisine such as Thakali, Newari and food of the ethnic minorities. Covering not only Indian curries, but also those of Sumatra, Thailand, and even Japan, this is an excellent survey of the art of curry.

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Alterations to original dishes can create new flavors that still retain the cultural significance of the dish. Many cultural and religions are coming over to the ASK.

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