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We agreed upon that one of us would be responsible for the merging of the single parts before that last meeting. I have understood the way you market your product and have learnt about the important process of understanding your target market, and completing your market research and being aware of your competitors.

It is easier pointing out the unique selling points but I have learnt how to use the uniqueness to promote my business.

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My business is about breaking the barriers of healthy eating. Luciano has done the financial plan and calculations, while both of us, Luciano and myself were responsible for a business model and concept. Various calculations and researches had to be done in order to achieve different income and outcome calculations.

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I have understood the importance of partnership and how having partnership can help you share tasks. Since we wasted majority of our time and have not wrote anything big, we come up with the idea to split the roles. Really hoping that our business plan ended up at least feasible and sustainable, if not much profitable. Our group consisted of five members. Beginning with my role as a team member, I would definitely take over the responsibility concerning co-ordination, design and time management. As there were four main tasks to fulfil and two optional ones we opted for taking one of the optional tasks as well. I decided to use the Cake Shop idea for my business plan as I thought it would be easier doing this for assignment purposes than doing event management. I did this by completing my market research as it was very important to understand the market, the trends, what the customer wants, who my competitors are. Europe-Africa 3. The more I explored in every sector I identified opportunities to save money or to do something better and I made use of these opportunities through planning.

Reading more articles and watching all these shows inspired and encouraged me as I thought of all ways I could do the tasks better to improve the product or service.

As a team we tried to help him or her out as good as possible and gave suggestions on what he or she could add or improve in order to solve the problem.

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When it comes to introduction and conclusio, the job was well done, smooth and proper with a bit of everyones help. I thought customers could taste small samples of the product too and get them interested like this. In life there will always be competition and the way of cheating this competition is by acquring many skills that others will most likely not have. All of the company have two products in the market which is Entry level camera and multi featured camera. On this simulation I am becoming co-manager of a camera industry. In this community many people suffer of obesity, and other diet related diseases. Now I know what I need to do to start the business and also keep it moving forward. Beginning with my role as a team member, I would definitely take over the responsibility concerning co-ordination, design and time management. Communication was limited to moderate in the group. My program will help minimize health problems among the latinos in my community and decrease obesity rates in washington heights.

So in this Reflective report I will try to cover all the personal subjective impressions, notions, influences, inferences and conclusions, from my point of view.

As long as you have a budget to purchase all your necessities and a space to do your business than you will have a good start. Since we wasted majority of our time and have not wrote anything big, we come up with the idea to split the roles.

Individual reflective report example pdf

If we would have the chance to work in the team again, we would have a lot to work on. These skills can help me be the best out of a bunch of folks. By providing the option to sell merely online with a big number of advantages over the traditional market. Latin America. My recommendation in the very beginning was to decide upon a certain design in order not to have troubles in the end to merge the different powerpoint presentations together. I had to write down my vision for this project, this meant how i wanted this business to look in the future. Expect if it is about setting a date and time for the team meeting. The purpose of the Professional Development Policy is to encourage and support employees to actively pursue their professional and career development as an integral element of their employment with the Business organization. I have enjoyed finding the solutions to problems. In this project I decided to have my business in my community in washington heights. I will reflect on my learning in regards to the experiences throughout the past 6 weeks of studying BSB working in business. Open twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, with minimum or no effort at all. I made a lot of notes as I felt it was very important to make notes. We were also helping and consulting each other all the time, depending on the situations.

Brainstorming requires a lot of special attention in specific topics.

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Reflection Of My Group 's Business Plan