How to write a robot on facebook chat

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You have to go through a review process before your bot is open to the world, ready to chat with anyone. You can skip through most of the setup steps. Testers were more willing to disclose personal information to an artificially intelligent virtual therapist than they were to a living breathing clinician.

If you did not already do so when you set up your Facebook appgenerate a page access token, by doing the following: In the 'Token Generation' section of your app's Messenger settings, select the Facebook Page you want to generate a token for from the 'Page' dropdown.

In a real-world bot we would iterate the array to check for multiple attachments, but for the purpose of this quick start, we will just get the first attachment.

Test your Chatfuel chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

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To grant these roles to other Facebook accounts, go to the 'Roles' tab of your app settings. Then we loop over each of the messaging events. Have you encountered a particularly memorable chatbot?

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It requires you to check several boxes verifying that you've read their policies and guidelines promise you won't engage in unsolicited, outbound messaging describe how you're going to interact with users through your bot provide a test user that the review team can use to interact with your bot upload a screencast of you interacting with your bot via Messenger have a privacy policy verify that you're explaining the bot and setting expectations with users On this page, you can also ask to be granted extra information about users, like their email or profile information.

There are really only two key parts to a messaging bot: receiving and sending messages Receiving Messages We handle incoming messages starting on line 24 inside app.

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This Therapy Robot That Lives In Facebook Messenger Wants To Treat You