How do i check my essay for plagiarism

This is another widely known fact that would not require a citation. An invented source may also be the result of poor note taking while conducting research. When you use a writing tool — like the one from BibMe Plus — on your first draft as well as your final, not only do you have more time to resolve any issues that arise, but you may also uncover additional sources that can aid you in your research.

Patchwriting, however, may occur unintentionally. This is a fact that is known widely enough that it is considered common knowledge and does not require a citation. Each highlighted section has a prompt that will also ask you if you need a reference for it. Thankfully, a free or premium writing tool can help students who are committed to upholding their academic integrity to spot and correct any accidentally poached phrases in their papers.

Both inside the world of academia and out, plagiarizing is not only morally unsound but can also come with legal consequences. Common knowledge is acceptable to include, but make sure you mix in information from outside sources as well.


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