Handmade paper market research

Small-scale agro based units —up to 10, tonnes per year.

Handmade paper business plan

Market research gives exporter an opportunity to identify the taste and preference of their customers. A high proportion of long fibers are essential for reasonable paper quality, regardless of scale or method of production. Government policies are also changing and the government export policies doesnot emphasize the measures for the development of infrastructure in order to expand the export. Old newspapers are commonly used to make tissue and cardboard, while magazines are often recycled into newsprint. Objectives of the study: 1. The basic process of making paper involves two stages: the breaking up of raw material which contains cellulose fiber in water to form a pulp i. The high moisture content and need for collection make 5 maize stalks suitable only for very small-scale production. In its effort to develop effective systems for small-scale paper production, a development alternative has analyses the performance of the Indian paper industry on all scales. Compared with producing a tonne of paper from virgin wood pulp, the production of one tonne of paper from discarded paper may use half as much energy and water. The Nepalese paper were made various part of country,but with the establishment of Bhaktapur craft printers,with support from UNICEF in the year ,the paper making business flourished in the international market. Medium-scale units — 10, to 50, tonnes per year. The large scale producers rely almost entirely on fiber from timber although, especially in India, other materials such as bamboo, eucalyptus, straws and grasses are also used.

To promote Nepalese handmade paper and paper product in the export market,it is required to conduct adequate market research. It has to go still a long way forward to create demand of its product in national as in international market. Lokta collection is not well managed and because of this there is rapid depletion of lokta.

Generally the Nepalese exporters are not too conscious about export quality control. The raw materials needed for the production of these papers are generally large. Maize stalks Remaining after maize harvest. The government regards the paper industry as one of the 35 high priority industries of the country.

India is self-sufficient in manufacture of most varieties of paper and paperboards. All these concepts will decide viability of the small scale industry in paper making with the existing regional resources.

Handmade paper market research

In India, where paper making machinery is manufactured indigenously, and hence costs are kept lower, mechanised paper making on a small scale is very common, with plants operating at outputs of 5 tonnes per day and upwards. Nepalese handmade paper and paper products are acquiring popularity in the international market.

References: 1. This is what we move in our study as the main problem area. Key words: paper making, local resources, market, technology Introduction: Paper is used for writing and printing, for wrapping and packaging, and for a variety of other applications ranging from kitchen towels to the manufacture of building materials.

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