H2 economics essay questions

2016 a level h2 econs essay

A rise in the price of sugar has led to an increase in the demand for artificial sweeteners and this has pushed up the prices. Your essays will then cover the policy mechanism and its implications as well as how the government put in place different measures according to the local contexts.

H2 economics essay questions

Divergence between private and social costs. These questions will apply the basic concept of opportunity cost, which is part of the Microeconomics chapter that you have learnt.

2015 a level h2 econs answers

Motorists have often exclaimed, "If the petrol tax were any higher, I'd take the bus! Search for Start by looking for a topic, such as Demand and Supply.

You will realise the significance of external equilibrium as it impacts other aspects such as foreign exchange and international trade. Suggested Answers for Part B: Note that in this part, evaluation skills is required, and is worth 4m.

A level h2 economics 2016 answers

For example: As demand is relatively price-inelastic, governments attempt to discourage driving in attempt to deal with negative externalities such as pollution and congestion will experience limited success. Economics Tuition Online encourage students to inculcate these critical thinking habits through evaluative discussions as well as analysis of model examples. Students will discover, in our essay, how to tweak economic causation with variations and inject coherence into their conceptual explanations, while receiving exam-oriented writing techniques to induce quick yet complex writing. Raise the user cost of driving by taxing petrol. Central Economics Problems In this chapter, the essay questions will usually cover the discussion of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost. Suggested Answers for Part A: The measure taken here is a government action. Edmund Quek, has been a best-selling economics essays book with the highest sales volume in Singapore since where over copies have been sold. Essays in this sector will also cover the limitations of the policies and the need to employ more than one policy, given the local context. This enables government to identify and measure both quantitative and qualitative aspects of standard of living. As you can remember, the government's microeconomics objective are to achieve i social efficiency, due to either presence of externalities or market imperfections and ii equity or fairness. It is a recommended reading in many junior colleges and economics tuition centres in Singapore. Such knowledge focus on decision-making at the individual, household and firm levels which reflects the happenings in our personal life.
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