Gothic elements in jekyll and hyde

This fear parallels the shattered social veneer Stevenson presented in his novella thorough the revelation that the respectable Dr Jekyll is also the immoral murderer Mr Hyde. Hyde in one word. Many, if not most, Gothic novels tried to present themselves as authentic documents found during some sort of excavation or inquiry.

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And Dracula is, of course, a vampire. The vampire is an embodiment of otherness, and, in Stoker's tale, Dracula becomes the site of Gothic horror, where late-Victorian cultural anxieties are manifested.

The term? Richard Mansfield depicted in double exposure as Jekyll and Hyde. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevensonspeaks of a well-respected man, Dr. Stevenson places great stress on the dark, dank streets of London in wonderfully descriptive language.

Hyde, to Mr.

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Regression and the fear of imperial decline is seen in H. There were multiple theories circulating as to the identity of the murderer, with many suggesting he was highly educated or of royal birth.

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Jekyll, who creates an alter-ego, Mr. Since the narrator never returns, readers are left without a voice to draw everything together and to provide answers.

Gothic elements in jekyll and hyde

Readers were fascinated by its suspense, use of the supernatural, and medieval influences. Frankenstein's creature, for example, is a revitalized amalgamation of dead body parts. The house provides a contrasting space, used both for Dr Jekyll's domestic purposes and his scientific experiments. The degenerate otherness of the Count also reveals a fear of decline and its link to imperial anxieties. The race of humans the Time Traveller encounters, the Eloi, have degenerated. As the text demonstrates, it is not only the impoverished, working classes living in the slum areas of the city that are capable of committing crimes; criminals are also found in educated, wealthy, and seemingly respectable echelons of society. Hyde satiates his desires without thinking of their consequences. Since the narrator never returns, readers are left without a voice to draw everything together and to provide answers. One way to think about Hyde's regression is to note that he is literally smaller than Jekyll. Narrative Experimentation Another staple of the Gothic was a focus on narrative experimentation.
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Gothic Literature and Jekyll and Hyde