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As in so much film noir, the crux of the story is a case of cherchez la femme.

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Only then did large number of Americans begin to read the French critics on film noir. It shows the dark and desperate mood of this era, even though some people threw themselves into the materialistic race to forget. Will the horrendous border scum get to Susie before Mike? At this time America was an agrarian society, and this ideology led-- among other things--to the westward expansion. Domestically, rapid urbanization, social dislocation, protests for civil rights by African Americans and others that challenged the status quo, and changing gender roles, added, perhaps even superseded, worries about the international situation. It was Orson Welles who flipped the racial mix, and made the marriage brand new. Bacall ventilates the male atmosphere of the film, which is otherwise heavy, gloomy and dark: Bogart himself appears in almost every scene of the film and the mystery is also when he has time to go back home and sleep. The narrative of The Maltese Falcon established a prototype that dozens of later films followed. The genre can be traced to the feelings of disillusionment and dislocation that upset American society after the Second World War. Nobody really knew how to cope with the vastly changed landscape that war and social turbulence had created. To return to film noir: intellectuals played key roles in making film noir an important part of post US culture. Woody Allen declared it "the greatest movie ever made".

In his screenplay, Robert Towne develops two dominant metaphors; the first centres on water. While gathering divorce evidence on behalf of a suspicious wife, Gittes Nicholson is sucked into a world beyond his comprehension involving municipal corruption, sexual transgression and the power of old money.

It may not be any surprise that when Jeff catches up with the fugitive femme fatale, there is a crackle of attraction between them.

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Personally, I would call this a crisis. Robinsonbecomes suspicious, and Neff suspects that Phyllis is playing him for a fool.

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Adapting James M Cain's novella about a straight-arrow insurance salesman tempted into murder by a duplicitous housewife, genre-hopping director Billy Wilder recruited Raymond Chandler as co-writer. This is what happened to the American population in the s. The postwar years, and the Cold War that immediately followed, were characterized by feelings of paranoia, dread, and insecurity. The key to the picture's genius is undoubtedly the mutually nourishing collaboration between Greene and the director Carol Reed. The mood of the times helped as well. In fact, films in the so-called film noir style had been popular for six years before French film critic Nino Frank coined the term in It is criminality in the blood. A consequence of this was a confusion in regard to the traditional conception of sexual roles and sexual identity, an identity that had been non-practicing during the war because of the separation of the sexes.

Government entered people's daily lives, raising taxes, rationing scarce commodities, controlling prices, and allocating labor for military and civilian production, even restricting where individuals lived or worked.

Aldrich, a patrician aristocrat and a committed leftist, despised Mickey Spillane's nihilistic worldview and Mike Hammer's Cro-Magnon brutishness, and gave them the adaptation they deserved.

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When Film Noir Reflected An Uneasy America