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Public Schools - As charter schools throughout the nation struggle to compete academically with the traditional public school system, the general consensus is that they continue to fall short. Therefore, they enjoy freedom of devising their own charter and code of conduct. It is essential that the students not only feel comfortable and safe while at school, but feel secure with their selves in knowing that appearance or how much money your family has, does not matter when it comes to social status. The curriculum seems limited and they seem economically better, by not using libraries, textbooks, or computers. Adding to these positive findings, supporters of charter schools also tend to boast that their programs offer significantly more rigorous challenges and requirements than public schools. The teachers' associations in many states, are against the charter schools on the ground that charter schooling system is widening the gap in the society due following racial and class-based discriminatory lines. Therefore, in monetary terms, public schools are more suitable models. This could help solve the educational crisis in America, as well as provide some statistics for the school choice debate In California passed a charter schools act, and it became effective in September of The innovation and curricular experimentation seen in charter schools benefits not just charter school students, but also public school students whose schools introduce new programs of their own in order to keep pace with those offered at charter schools. The institutions that provide children with an education can be divided into two categories known as traditional public schools and nontraditional schools. Also there is a clash between religious charter schools. As Change.

To date, charter schools enroll overstudents Fusarelli,p. With all the corruption and bureaucracy within the system, it is unlikely that this problem will be resolved anytime soon. This can often work towards their advantage because it allows them to try new and unique methods of educating children The step from home or day care to school is huge: they are a big kid now.

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In conclusion, I would like to add my personal view on the issue. The economic downturn at the end of the s resulted in even more cuts to education. By definition, a charter school is a publicly funded and privately run school under the charter of an educational authority. There are two separate schools of thoughts on the subject matter each advocating one of these school systems. Furthermore, the needs of students who lack English language proficiency and have other disabilities also remain unsatisfied Chen, A critical analysis of literature related to charter schools and public schools would indicate that understanding the needs of the students, sufficient chances of interacting with every student and continuous learning of new and effective techniques while following the traditional methodologies are highly important for being an effective educator. Considering these difficulties, diversity can be considered as the strength of charter schools. Likewise, charter schools are only going to become increasingly more Public vs. Though one of the leading charter school systems in Philadelphia is Mastery Charter School, the leading competitor to the Public School system. For example, a public elementary school in Michigan started decreasing its class size and offering subjects that parents had suggested earlier after a charter school in the same area started getting a number of its students. It will open with students ranging from Kindergarten to fourth grade, and will add a grade every year Thus, most people are still divided, and will probably stay that way, since charter schools do have its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, charter school enrollments are propelled only by self-initiative. These gains show even greater significance for low-income and minority students. Charter schools are usually located in the areas where public education's access is difficult.

This paper will list and briefly discuss some of the statements of the proponents and opponents of charter schools. Public Schools - The article Inside Online Charter Schools addresses many of the concerns people have when exploring the option of participating in an online charter school.

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Charter Schools The first day of school is a rite of passage for most children. Firstly, they are located in the areas where there are no or less public schools allowing an easy access to education. W has been working there since. Many teachers that teach for virtual schools can oversee as many students and feel pressured to pass students These assessments describe the academic ability of the students enrolled.

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