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The invention of the computer originated from the reliance on electrical based machines that stemmed from a dependence upon mechanical devices. Thus makes it more economical. It was far from what people call computers today. This was not always the case though, Windows software is actually a fairly new technology that has grown much over the years and continues to develop and change even today However, computers as we know them are relatively new devices. We owe the advancements of computers and other such electronic devices to the intelligence of men of the past. Next in the s and s, it could only be programmable by highly trained people. In came Blaise Pascal's computer, the Pascaline. All was silent in the household except for the incessant whistling of the tea kettle on the kitchen stove. Anxious to see if it was for me, I raced down the stairs in hopes that I had received a package, or perhaps flowers, from a boy

From the abacus through the modern era the evolution of computers has involved many innovative individuals. He also realized that he could market the company's name and the computer's user-friendly look.

The real answer is that many inventors contributed to the history of computers and that a computer is a complex piece of machinery made up of many parts, each of which can be considered a separate invention.

Tim Cook is the main speaker at these events that occur.

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Since computers have become essential for many tasks that we complete everyday, from shopping for groceries to communicating with friends and family, these kids can only picture how everything worked before the advent of the computer Second Generation Computers - Intransistors were developed which greatly changed the development of computers.

Take for example you wake up in the morning usually to a digital alarm clock. It was the first all electronic computer, and required so much electricity that when the power was turned on, the lights around Philadelphia dimmed.

A computer system is one that is able to take a set of inputs, process them and create a set of outputs InBlaise Pascalthe year-old son of a French tax collector, invented what he called a numerical wheel calculator to help his father with his duties. In John Ambrose Fleming invented the first commercial diode vacuum tube.

Computers have become an important part of the world.

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After this successful invention the size of energy consumed by the computer has been reduced and minimized ever since in the history. The meaning of the word remained unchanged until almost the end of the 19th century, at which time, the machine took over this title.

The connotation of what a computer is nowadays brings to mind a monitor, keyboard, processor and its other electronic components; however, that is not how things have always been.

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