Editorial news writing and reporting

Editorial news writing and reporting

This piece of writing can be on any topic. There is no way to obtain an answer to the question "What is editorial writing? Commenting on the Issues An editorial, on the other hand, may be based in fact, but its main purpose is not to inform, but to express opinion. STEP 3. Editorials are a special category of opinion pieces that express the viewpoint of an editor or, at larger papers, an editorial board; as such, they represent the opinion of the paper as a whole, according to guides by "The Boston Globe" and "The New York Times. Running thoughts together is the sign of disorganized thinking. RelevanceAt all stages, you should keep the question in mind. Republicans feel that these cuts are necessary; other cable stations can pick them; only the rich watch public television. These arguments of course should be backed up with facts and evidence from your research of the topic. The facts and evidence must be gone through extensively to find the point of view you want to argue. Try to arrange the points so that they form a persuasive and coherent argument. Editorials are meant to influence public opinion, promote critical thinking, and sometimes cause people to take action on an issue. Use facts and quotations to state objectively their opinions. Persuade: Editorials of persuasion aim to immediately see the solution, not the problem. Alternative solutions to the problem or issue being criticized.

STEP 4. The purpose for the editorial is to give your opinion, the writer's opinion. Persuade the readers of the truth of the editorial's main argument In contrast to the pieces which criticize, persuasive pieces focus on the suggested solutions without going into the problem's details.

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If you are in any doubt, ask your tutor to explain what is required. When writing about the issue associated with obese population, the writer should end up giving specific recommendations on how to deal with this problem.

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Wrap it up in a concluding punch that restates your opening remark thesis statement. Make a note of anything, which might be relevant to your answer. Conclusion of Article In a newspaper editorial, and with most anything else you write, your conclusion should sum up all the information you wrote about.

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Writing Your Article The first step to writing your newspaper editorial is to pick a headline that grabs reader's attention. If you are in any doubt, ask your tutor to explain what is required. From the first paragraph, readers will be encouraged to take a specific, positive action. STEP 4. Author's points of view written in a formal language excellent editorials do not focus on personalities when trying to persuade the reader. Immediate purpose is to get readers to see the problem, not the solution. It also contains personal opinion of the writer, which is not welcomed in other form of news story writing. A quotation can be effective, especially if from a respected source A rhetorical question can be an effective concluder as well If the government doesn't defend the interests of children, who will? Listen to us.

Just like in your research paper, you have to provide enough credible evidence to support your opinion. Running thoughts together is the sign of disorganized thinking.

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What Is the Difference Between an Editorial & a Newspaper Article?