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Francis Galton 's — anthropometric laboratory opened in The early 20th century was witness to rapid advances in applied psychology.

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Tweney eds. The most influential of these are the accounts of Platoespecially in the Republicand of Aristotleespecially in De Anima. It is essential that observations be made by trained observers under carefully specified conditions for the purpose of answering a well-defined question" Wundt His test, which included tasks of reasoning and problem solving, was introduced in the United States by Henry Goddard — and later standardized by Lewis Terman — at Stanford University.

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After nearly a decade of debate, a Western Philosophical Association was founded and held its first meeting in at the University of Nebraska. His answer to the problem was to suggest "Cognito, ergo sum" meaning "I think, therefore I am. If an explanation of a complicated historical event seems to be too simple, chances are that it is.

It was also believed that the rigors of graduate school were too much for a frail woman's physique.

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A History of Psychology