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These courses will complement my previous experience and provide the business knowledge to transition into strategy consulting and develop into a more effective leader capable of defining business strategies.

My experience running my own company will positively impact my study group and the companies I work with in London Business Experience, Global Business Experience and Summer Consulting Program.

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From speaking to current students and alumni, I am looking forward to take part in the activities Duke has to offer besides the professional clubs. However, I want to continue to gain mastery of new and different disciplines in the financial services industry to pursue my goal of Portfolio Management at an investment management firm so I can have a greater impact within the financial sector.

This woman was very successful not only in growing revenues but also in building long-term client relationships. One of my superpowers is my determination. At my first meeting, after sharing how framing organizations and issues in fresh, authentic ways can effect lasting social change, I was shocked to both be elected Communications Team Leader and to have garnered enough support to launch a rebranding of the organization and the issue at large.

Sharing new perspectives Even if you are a male, Caucasian, third-generation American, you can still illustrate your diversity in other areas. Most importantly, this experience reinforced the importance of gentle yet assertive communication in initiating change.

Thank you. I was a leader at my college church when I noticed attendance at services was dropping. As a sales person at JP Morgan and Bank of America, I often found myself at the crossroads of business ethics, balancing the fine line between responsibilities towards my employer and shareholders and those of my clients.

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Search for:. Duke Fuqua will help me build on my current strengths and skill set among talented peers and supportive alumni within the research triangle that is Durham: a locale perfectly suited to my learning style and career objectives. The approach here is a welcome change from my home in XXXX, where for the most part the concept is extremely weak. I have filled a range of positions in system architecture, consulting, pre-sale, project management, product management, and marketing. This stoked my passion to educate others. I hope that my understanding of diverse communication and varied backgrounds in an extremely dynamic setting would help others better understand the different business environments or dissimilar groups we might encounter. For my thesis research at MIT I researched and tested new raw materials to determine how buildings could be built higher, wider and stronger without the use of additional braces. In my conversations, I noticed that the underclassmen de-prioritized church events when overwhelmed with having to care for themselves: many of them subsisted on instant noodles. This could include: a. While my unhealthy relationship with food was difficult to overcome, the experience established the central role that food plays in my life and allowed me to appreciate the transformative power of a healthy diet as a result of increased awareness. Schools simply want to prepare graduates for the 21st-century job market. HBS is supporting programs along the entire spectrum of potential solutions: entrepreneurial startups, proposed changes to regulation and policy, and cross-discipline initiatives.

As my English improved, we discussed differences between Australia and Poland, his favorite local dishes and my wanderlust to one day visit and ski in his country. What actions have you taken to determine that Stern is the best fit for your MBA experience?

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Whether it be a Mentored Study Project that focuses on the efficiency of a clean-tech invention and how it affects the environment, or the Duke Startup Challenge, where our group pitches a new renewable energy-based business plan to industry leaders, I feel that my experiences in both teamwork and communication could greatly benefit the not only the EDGE center, but also my all fellow MBA students at Fuqua.

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