Cover letter on regular paper for resume paper

You should definitely match the paper for your resume and cover letter regardless of whether you use regular copy paper or special resume paper. Not too thick or too thin not transparent.

So, can we conclude that paper resumes are dead?

Should cover letter be in same document as resume

Sure, the 24lbs paper feels a bit thicker and more durable than the run of the mill printer paper, but it comes no where close to the feeling you get when you pick a piece of heavy-duty 32lbs paper. Until those days are here, make sure to bring a few copies of your resume to the interview. One of the biggest jobseeker complaints about resumes in general is that they are static documents. Even in the age of online applications and applicant tracking systems , there are still a couple reasons when a physical resume might come in handy. Paper quality always has a great effect on your image False! The only difference between resume 1 and resume 2 is the percentage of cotton. You want to make sure all your application materials, including your cover letter, are presentable when you send them out. Therefore, no serious hiring decision will be made on the basis of a social media profile. Not too thick or too thin not transparent.

Today, you have to change your resume for every job and employers are first evaluating your resume on the computer. Think about the impression you want to make on the employer when choosing the type of paper to print your cover letter on.

Since our expert photographer did such a great job making the ivory resumes look acceptable, we realized that we just had to give you a side-by-side comparison.

Nobody mails in their resumes anymore, right?

should i print my resume on nice paper

A paper resume is irrelevant only if a candidate's past is irrelevant. One step that you may forget about is choosing the paper to print your cover letter on.

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