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Use of gender-neutral pronouns: he and she vs. Do you need one?

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Pick a guide not any guide But how do you go about choosing the style guide for your organisation? You Might Also Enjoy …. Research suggests we have capacity for only a limited number of decisions a day , even the seemingly tiny ones. The University of Oxford has produced a similar document which goes into a little more detail for example giving guidance on how to write telephone numbers with consistent spacing. You can enlist some experienced help. Which decisions have to be made over and over again? Do you use the first person in some articles and third person in others? What style can do for you So, what benefits can a style guide bring? Write more univocally. Which words and terms cause problems or dispute? Create a list, then ask other people to look at the list and add their own ideas.

Copy editors are tasked with reading and editing copy that is in keeping with that house style. Is a style guide right for you and your company?

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Arabic Tales for the young and the curious www. Some specialized industry style guides are also available.

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When everyone has the same reference point, the key benefit is consistency. Arabic Tales for the young and the curious www. And whatever additions or subtractions make sense for your team or organisation, by consulting every step of the way we can create the reference that is exactly what you need. The best way to achieve a unified writing style that is stamped with your corporate personality is to create a document called a style-guide. So bring your colleagues into the process early on: ask them for their thoughts on drafts and for feedback on the finished article. Paul D Kennedy has written highly persuasive copy in both print and electronic media for local and international clients. An external consultant When devising a style-guide, an independent consultant is essential to preserve objectivity. A style-guide is a booklet that covers word, phrase and sentence usage, and approaches to be taken in structuring particular types of communications, such as brochures, technical manuals or e-zines, as well as common errors in grammar and syntax. This would include things like whether to put one or two spaces after a full stop , how to punctuate bullet points , using US or UK spelling and how to style your company name in running text. And make the guide easy to find. You can enlist some experienced help.

Active voice: Uses action verbs. Passive voice: Uses forms of the verb, "to be," is, be, am, are, was, were, been Examples of Passive Voice: "What the company is missing is…. In fact, not just what you write: what your colleagues write too — even everyone in your entire organisation.

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Write more univocally. The voice of the company is always already a social voice. That can be exhausting.

Corporatebusiness writing style guides

It sets the standards for newspapers in the US and gives a comprehensive insight into correct usage. ABC Copywriters This page from ABC Copywriters gives essential information on how your style guide can be used to promote your brand — to give it a consistent voice. Is a style guide right for you and your company? It is not just about high profile marketing communications , but about every public document and even internal memos as well. Thus there is a need to create a company writing style that unifies written communications and reflects corporate identity and image. Research, Inc. You may have even created a sense of style with your car. A well-thought out writing style-guide with clear understandable rules, which are applied consistently to all corporate literature — print and electronic — will ensure clarity and harmony in your corporate communications and reinforce corporate personality. When a question can be answered only in shades of grey, someone needs to make a style choice. Non-standard spellings and technical spellings are clarified, as well as appropriate use of italics and bold fonts. Some specialized industry style guides are also available. Obviously a writing style that is suitable for a financial services company or bank must differ greatly from the style of a fashion house.
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Creating and Maintaining a Corporate Writing Style