Compare and contrast the notre dame de chartres and the chartres cathedral labyrinth

The tympanum shows Christ standing on a cloud, apparently supported by two angels. Of special note among the other figures is the Holy Modesta, an elegant female figure with a happy, seductive smile, and a fat King Solomon in the right-hand portal.

This was the first known use in a Gothic cathedral.

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Even in the time of the Druids, the site on which it is built at Chartres was recognized for its divine atmosphere. Here is one of the fundamental and early pathways toward a higher power, or existence, coming into modern use. Practically speaking, the objectives were; 1 to maintain and preserve the real value of the endowment; 2 to obtain a predetermined amount of investment earnings each year to provide financial support for individual University programs; 3 remain as a conduit for vital operations support for the University In the shadows on the right is Elijah standing on the wheels of his chariot, with Elisha catching his mantle below.

The teachings of eminent theologians such as Gilbert de la Poree, Hugues de Saint-Victor, Robert Grosseteste and Abbot Suger said the house of God must be lit by the rays of the sun, as dazzlingly clear as Paradise so they would pass, as it were, through the gates of Paradise into the heavenly city itself.

The timbers over the nave were replaced by an iron structure and then roofed over with copper.

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The circle is fundamental, containing the essence of many other symbols; it is all about the sun and earth, the heavens and the moon and the movements of the sky, which happens in repetitive cycles.

Plans were made for the addition of seven more spires around the cathedral, but these were abandoned.

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The relic, which was kept in a reliquary of great value, was vandalised. An extra row of single flying buttresses supported the apse from the beginning and a third row was added in the 14th century. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, and it only has one path.

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Jambs of the center doorway of the Royal Portal, with statues of the men and women of the Old Testament West portal, tympanum of left door. This work was completed in The labyrinth inside reminds us of our mortality and is there to help humankind to find a way to inner peace To medieval people Christian worship was the driving force in their lives. Most obvious are the jamb statues affixed to the columns flanking the doorways — tall, slender standing figures of kings and queens from whom the Portail royal derived its name. Line, color and texture give us a mix of styles from abstract to representational, canvas to clay. They all lined up to touch the statue of the Virgin Mary. Above is the Coronation of the Virgin: Mary, in her living body, will rule the heavens alongside her Son Christ. They are saying it will be a thing of great beauty — a significant public artwork. The high nave is supported by double flying buttresses, anchored by colonnettes and great abutments. The founder of the Gothic style was a man by the name of Abbot Suger. Intriguingly, the labyrinth is the same distance from the west entrance as the West Rose is from the floor - so if the west wall fell inwards, the rose would land directly on the Labyrinth.

This work was completed in

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