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After the repeal of alcohol prohibition by the 21st Amendment on Dec. One debate that stands tall among the rest is whether or not the minimizing or increasing of drinking age laws should take place.

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S states to 21 years. Posted on March 18, by nestorak For my second major essay, I want to use rogerian and invitational argument to convince the reader that the current drinking age ought to be lowered from 21 to Teens did it, adults did it, it was frowned upon but not uncommon.

The higher drinking age of 21 has saved many lives, helped reduce the amount of underage drinking, and therefore should not be lowered.

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This requirement makes it illegal for any minor to purchase alcohol or even drink it. Under the year-old drinking age, fewer young people are drinking, but those who do choose to are drinking more Choose Responsibility, n.

This is a controversial subject because many believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18 years old. The enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of prompted states to raise their legal age.

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Given that if you get drunk you might then do something you regret, surely there should be a high barrier in the form of a high age limit before we allow individuals to make that choice. If others are worried about 18 year olds providing alcohol to minors, there are ways we can meet in the middle. For a few years now more recently question being, should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen? According to Watson a lower drinking age was found to be associated with a higher risk of accidental pregnancy and worse infant health as a result. Such tickets involve a court appearance in front of a judge who decides what your punishment will be. The important question is: should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen instead of remaining at twenty-one? Older youth and adults may furnish alcoholic beverages to minors less frequently, and licensed alcohol outlets may sell to minors less frequently, because of their perceptions that it is illegal, morally wrong, or because they might be caught. The enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of prompted states to raise their legal age. Turning 18 entails receiving the rights and responsibilities of adulthood to vote, smoke cigarettes in most states , serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, be prosecuted as adults, and join the military - which includes risking one's life.
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