Caterpillar service marketing case answers

I believe entering smaller markets and competing with smaller companies, and entering many new markets was a smart idea however I believe it was done too fast. The decision to go for a more product oriented organization structure shows that they are modernizing the structure and therefore allowing for quicker product development, quicker decision making, better focus on customer in each department, focus on sales becomes easier while failing products become more easily identifiable.

Due the leadership of Glen Barton, who was with Caterpillar from to ? Business level Strategy On a business unit strategy or business level strategy, we can see that Caterpillar changed its focus from industry focus to product focus which makes much more sense for such a large corporation with so many different products categories and types.

From there, ACC grew rapidly and also supplied its products to other states and internationally…. What did they do? Therefore a question mark should be raised in that department in order to find the appropriate solution to keep running smoothly.

caterpillar harvard business case

From a financial point of view, their net profit was decreasing while the actual sales were fluctuating along normal range.

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Case Study on Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)