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The types of projects that may be included in this category include: a review of Australia's Ramsar sites, and the preparation of a draft national framework for the identification, classification and management of Australia's high conservation value aquatic ecosystems HCVAE.

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It was quite a good workshop. The Business Plan notes that any approach to engaging Indigenous groups needs to be flexible, and that preference will be given to proposals which include active engagement with Indigenous people and proposals He said that under previous programs the major competitive element was "Envirofunded small-scale projects".

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Obama won the popular vote as well, although by a relatively small margin. In their place, Romney has said that he would prevent discrimination against people with preexisting conditions who maintain continuous coverage.

Most of their funds will have to be spent on targeted, on-ground work but we will accept a proportion of their funds to be spent on their administration overheads.

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Each one has a state, and I would strongly recommend they talk to them about their application as well.

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Obama's Plan For His Second Term