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As each individual location will keep on to build its local customer base over the first three years of operation, the goal of each store is annual sales Tk.

fast food restaurant business plan in bangladesh

This would help us see whether the venture would be a profitable one or not. Because in our seasonal food there is lack of chilly foods.

Service style and Food concept Our service style will either be fast-food, which offers food types that range from burgers, fries, soups and sandwiches; mid-scale, which has full course meals at value prices; or upscale, offering full service meals with high-class ambiance and, in turn, higher prices.

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Because those ingredients are not available in the urban areas. French TBD But our items will be so lower cost bearing so that everybody can get chance to have a taste of our food items. Pricing Strategy SFR pricing strategy is positioned as "standard", meaning that is the average consumer spending for a snack or light lunch. Conventional Italian and American fast food shops will be our main competitors. We will actively build our brand, through the selling of supporting materials, such as merchandise, promotional items. Current Asset: CashTk. Good quality of food. Current liabilities: Short-term notes PayableTk. Important Assumptions Assumption no: 1. As our ingredients are very much natural we have to depend a lot on the rural areas.

So 'Ahar' is going to be the brand name of our seasonal pitha. Special type of food will be offering during different occasion such as Eidul-fitar, Ramadan, Pohela boisakh Bangla New Year and so on. Do we prefer pizza or soup?

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We will change our strategy according to trends in the hospitality industry in Daulatpur area. This increase in assets is financed by the retained earnings. But among the fast food industry there is also a gap to pull through. So the suppliers of that field are not so much concentrated and organized. Four types of product lines including pithas 2. Also, we cannot offer any collateral, since we are a new company. They do not like to be congested. Lachchi TBD As a result we can make those pithas for them and present them in a favorable place that will be certainly popular among the people. Utilities include all the costs related to water, gas, electricity, and so on. Shazzad and Mr. Ahar is going to be that replacement. There will be three ways to purchase these products; table service at the restaurant, take- out from the restaurant, and delivery to home or office. Sales Strategy Sales strategy is to build and open new location in order to increase revenue. This is good, since we do not have several other liquid assets.

Suppose bankruptcy, if business fall in to loss and not be able the settle the loan. Popular dished will be included as well as some exceptional dishes French fries, jacket potatoes, grill fish and fried chicken.

Good quality of food.

fast food business in bangladesh

This menu item, which should be ready for tools that can help identify them. This increase in assets is financed by the retained earnings.

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