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If I'm writing a more linear essay, I pay very close attention to transitions. Yes, I think I do. Walking into the water, disembodied by grief, I felt no barriers between my skin, the air, and the water. Here I am, talking to you, they seemed to say over and over, and I sat rapt with attention. She needed that sloth to carry the weight of her grief for her, and eventually for us. Lists take an unordered world and order it in neat single-file lines. So, through the fragments, I'm able to put together an essay that is flexible enough to juggle many different elements at the same time. As long as you are straight with your reader, I think you can give yourself a lot of freedom. How do yoga and meditation inform your work? I said to myself, You can really bare the self on the page? Get in line, people, settle down! And was the theme of childlessness apparent to you from the start? It's a very personal thing, and all I can speak to is my own experience. I re-read your email. I thought, Oh, OK, this is a book I can be proud of.

And my curiosity. Do you still write fiction and poetry? After all, I love both lists and essays, what could be so hard about that? These paragraphs end the short essay.

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You knew that a simple request such as this one could never be simple in the hands of the writers you asked. I'll use a lot of key phrases: "I imagine…" "I would like to believe…" "I don't remember, but….

I continued writing essays for many years, never with the idea that they would become a book. The end of October approached.

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It's like being in a well-built house: you don't want your guests to necessarily crawl down into the basement to admire the foundation, or to inspect the floorboards for well-placed nails; you just want them to feel good and comfortable, to know they are in a safe and pleasing space where anything is possible. At the same time, when I write, it turns into a different experience. And you can do so without falling apart? Pressing my wet palms onto the rough wooden walls, I watched the sloth move in the shadows of the canopy. Yes, I think I do. As long as you are straight with your reader, I think you can give yourself a lot of freedom. Is this how you maintain a sense of privacy? The Pen and the Bell articulates not only the value of slowing down, but how to slow down. Well, I never claim to be an expert on religious and spiritual matters. You have to look at your intent: Am I making this particular move to shock the reader, or to aggrandize myself; if so, I'm not going to do it. I re-read your email. And my desire to find little gems that no one else would put on their lists. But our writing will always reveal our deepest passions and obsessions, so naturally the theme of infertility and children kept arising, all in the context of how my body has moved through the world.

Dripping and naked in the jungle, I thought, That sloth is as slow as grief. For all that, she is interested in connections -- not only within individual essays but in terms of how they fit together as a shapely and satisfying whole.

Is that true?

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Her work has received six Pushcart Prizes and has been published in numerous journals. I re-read your email. Still reaching. But then my good-girl instinct kicked in. Speaking of fiction—did you ever bend the facts to suit the form of the essay? And my curiosity. Is this how you maintain a sense of privacy? It doesn't mean that you lie about facts essential to the self; I would never, for instance, make up the fact of the miscarriages or infertility.
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