Antigone man vs man

A Civil War ensues. Pictograph, ideogram, cuneiform. Something tells me the Greek gods are not fooled so easily.

man vs society conflict in antigone

The bold, tradition-braking character of Antigone clearly clashed with the ovepowered, male dominant personality of Creon. Scene 4 Analysis: I love how Thebean rulers absolve themselves from her death. At the same time, Creon is determined that no one will bury Polyneices and anyone who tries will be condemned to death.

Not only did Antigone challenge the authority of her king, but also the high power of a man. At no point does he respond to the claim that he has disobeyed the laws of the gods.

Fate plays a major role in Greek Tragedy. Person vs. He is unwilling to listen to the pleas of his son to let Antigone live. Modern Tragic Protagonists.

antigone conflict resolution

Creon expresses his desire to die soon.

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Essay on God Versus Man in Sophocles' Antigone