An overview of the german concentration camps and the blue triangle

They received privileges like bigger and sometimes better food rations, better quarters or even a private roomluxuries like tobacco or alcohol and access to the camp's facilities like the showers or the pool.

The two triangles forming the Jewish star badge would both be yellow unless the Jewish prisoner was included in one of the other prisoner categories.

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After Germany conquered France in , around 30, of these prisoners were deported by the Nazis to concentration camps in Germany and Austria because of their anti-Fascist or Communist political affiliation. The camp perimeter is, approximately, an equilateral triangle with a semi circular roll call area centred on the main entrance gate in the side running Northeast to Southwest. There were daily executions by shooting or hanging, and many more died as a result of casual brutality and the poor living conditions and treatment. A survivor of Sachsenhausen the day of its liberation by the Soviet Army. The relationship between the two Spaniards became more problematic than Garcia had anticipated. A professional criminal would have a green bar. By January , only three thousand of the Spaniards had remained alive. They wore an uninverted point-upwards red triangle on their upper sleeves to indicate their status. In October , all of the Jewish inmates of Sachsenhauen were sent to Auschwitz. According to Pike, the Spanish Communist underground temporarily hid Garcia's photos in several locales within the administrative complex of the camp while looking for a safer hiding place outside of the camp. Nazi racial ideology primarily vilified Jews, but also propagated hatred for Roma Gypsies and blacks. Probably they were just going to have us pass the night in this camp before transferring us to a work site provided for by the Geneva Convention. Christian Bernadac, author of the book "The Steps," wrote the following regarding the Spanish Republicans: They were Republican soldiers who began to come across the French frontier in February , after the fall of Catalonia. Most of the prisoners were physically exhausted and thousands did not survive this death march; those who collapsed en route were shot by the SS. The SS photographer Kornacz was the only one who took photographs, but he employed inmates to handle the developing, printing and filing of the photo archive.

The largest prisoner group of early foreign nationals was Poles. From onwards, many previous criminals were rearrested in large raids.

Gilbert wrote the following in his book: In just over four months, more than thirty thousand people had been murdered at Mauthausen, or had died from starvation and disease.

Nazi racial ideology primarily vilified Jews, but also propagated hatred for Roma Gypsies and blacks.

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They consisted of Wehrmacht and SS military criminals, SS personnel convicted by an Honor Court of bad conduct and civilian criminals for which military service was either the assigned punishment or a voluntary replacement of imprisonment.

It was hoped that the threat of permanent incarceration at hard labor would deter them from further mischief. It was impossible that they meant to keep us here. There was a marching strip around the perimeter of the roll call ground, where prisoners had to march over a variety of surfaces, to test military footwear; between 25 and 40 kilometres were covered each day.

In August and Septemberinmates were transferred from Esterwegen to Sachsenhausen in order to take part in the continued construction of the camp.

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Like in several other camps, and despite the medical care they received from the Allied armies, many inmates died in the days following the liberation. A professional criminal would have a green bar.

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