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In the religious atmosphere of the Misses Franklin 's school, Evans was exposed to a quiet, disciplined belief opposed to evangelicalism. Second, right out of the gate, Eliot's mission was really clear; as a fellow Victorian mainstay Charles Dickens wrote of the novel, 'The whole country life that the story is set in, is so real, and so droll and genuine, and yet so selected and polished by art, that I cannot praise it enough to you. They read German and Greek together and discussed theology on long walks; soon Mrs. Silas Marner has remained a major force in pop culture since its publication. Her education was completed at a school in Coventry, and after the death of her mother in , and the marriage of her elder sister, she kept house for her father until his death in Another immensely popular work of Eliot's - probably, I would say number two of all-time Eliot works - is Silas Marner from Portrait by Frederick William Burton , Throughout her career, Eliot wrote with a politically astute pen.

Novels like Middlemarch, Silas Marner, and The Mill on the Floss were beloved by readers for their realistic portrayal of life's complexities. Key Novels Her first novel came inand it was called Adam Bede. In this capacity she was much thrown into the society of Herbert Spencer and George Henry Lewes, with the latter of whom she in entered into an irregular connection which lasted until his death.

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The weakness of the one and the coarseness of the other have often been pointed out; but both, in their weakness and coarseness, illustrate not so much George Eliot's inability to draw the portrait of a man, as the uncertainty, the infirmity, and the fumbling which shook her hand when she had to conceive a fit mate for a heroine.

The other important early influence in her life was religion. She doted upon Totty.

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By the time of Daniel DerondaEliot's sales were falling off, and she had faded from public view to some degree. Daniel Deronda, which came out in —76, was greatly inferior, and it was her last novel.

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He's sort of saying that he doesn't need the things society tells him he needs to be happy. Elements from these works show up in her fiction, much of which is written with her trademark sense of agnostic humanism. When Charles Hennell married in , she took over from his wife the translating of D. However, they both left their mark on history. During this period, she formed a number of unreciprocated emotional attachments, including one with Chapman who was married, but lived with both his wife and his mistress , and another with Herbert Spencer. Really, at the time that Evans was writing which was the second half of the 19th century , female authors weren't uncommon, but she wanted to make sure that her novels were taken seriously and not instantly dismissed into that category of light, tawdry romances that female writers were typically associated with. The roots of her realist philosophy can be found in her review of John Ruskin 's Modern Painters in Westminster Review in Her stay is commemorated by a plaque on the building. They read German and Greek together and discussed theology on long walks; soon Mrs. When did George Eliot get married? We've all been there. Victoria outlived Eliot, who died in at the age of Clasping them as few women have ever clasped them, she would not renounce her own inheritance - the difference of view, the difference of standard - nor accept an inappropriate reward. In and she visited Florence with the view of preparing herself for her next work, Romola, a tale of the times of Savonarola, which appeared in in the Cornhill Magazine.

Here she made the acquaintance of Charles Bray, a writer on phrenology, and his brother-inlaw Charles Hennell, a rationalistic writer on the origin of Christianity, whose influence led her to renounce the evangelical views in which she had been brought up.

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