An examination of the united states involvement in the kosovo conflict

Indeed, contrast U. The differences lay in what was subsequently added in. It was against this tense background that the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts SANU conducted a survey of Serbs who had left Kosovo in andwhich concluded that a considerable number had left under pressure from Albanians.

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It would encourage permanent European dependence on America to defend European interests with little relevance to America. The administration would attempt to impose an artificial settlement with little chance of genuine acceptance by either side.

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Although many were cautious when discussing the possibility of a greater Albania - obviously the question arises, which group would end up in charge?

Without U. Stories appeared from time to time in the Belgrade media claiming that Serbs and Montenegrins were being persecuted.

NATO settled on only a small number of military targets in Kosovo itself—and Europeans at the highest levels of national governments insisted that they be allowed to sign off on the targets.

There will almost certainly be times in the future when America will have to consider war against other nations.

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Nor is the proposed agreement truly balanced.

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The U.S. Role in Kosovo