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Alexander meets both standards with his philosophic background, conquering abilities, victories in battle, and outstanding accomplishments; therefore, he truly meets his title as Alexander the Great Alexander was born in B.

Augustus Caesar, Atilla the Hun, Charlemagne, to name a few.

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He conquered what was in his time, most of the civilized world. Eventually, the Roman Empire took control of the Decopolis and added their own temples roads and structures to pre-existing cities such as Gerasa. But this is not the case, Alexander was also a king, had personal relationships, and was a member of the human race. He would inherit the great army and take to levels and lengths the world had never seen before Alexander was a man who was both wrathful and compassionate depending on the day. He has inspired people since the day he started ruling. You see him lift up the helmet … and dump it on the sandy floor. By the age of thirty he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world. Alexander the Great is known for his achievements. However, was he truly great? He was a military commander at the age 18, and then he became a king at 20, the ruler of Greece. Additionally Philip felt the use of siege weaponry was of great importance and invested in engineers to aid him. Aristotle promoted the belief that non-Greeks were naturally slaves, thus encouraging the prince's thirst for conquest.

He did things during his existence that others could only envisage about. Many people gathered.

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Later in life, Alexander killed his best friend Cleitus, by stabbing him with a spear. Alexander is a great example for a hero! Alexander the Great came to power following the murder of his father in BCE. Alexander took the throne of Macedonia after This unnecessary massacre of humans was simply cruel. Son the king Phillips the 2nd. Alexander required thousands of troops throughout his military campaign, in document A it states that when Alexander left Macedon he brought 40, troops with him. As king, one should not only maintain their kingdom, but name an heir to rule it afterwards, Alexander did not.

Sometimes character is the test of determining if a man is great. He was a blonde with curly hair and dark eyes.

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Premium Alexander the Great, Alfred A. I will use my spare time more and organize more effectively with calendars, reminders, etc. Alexander improved the army his father had made, by the help of the allied forces they had; Alexander helped the cavalry a lot and utilized weapons specialists, and employed plenty of engineers to help him in the war against Persia A great example of a conqueror is Julius Caesar of the great Roman Empire. In this area, a person is required to set objectives and courses of action in attaining them. The parents were far from a happy couple, and Alexander was raised primarily under the influence of his mother. The legacy he left behind is still being used this very day. Throughout his childhood, most of his friends were women. His mother was Olympias, princess of Epirus, daughter of King Neoptolemus. Psychiatrist David Mallot diagnosed Alexander, not as great, but as a psychopathic goal driven killer, with a narcissistic personality disorder. His endeavors have earned him not only the respect of his army, and his people, but countless others throughout the centuries. While he allowed the Persians and Indians to move up in his administration, he primarily used Macedonians. The trumpeting, ferocious elephants were defeated at great cost to Alexander. His conquest as king of Macedonia was one of the most remarkable conquests ever, as he conquered land from Macedonia to the Hindu Kush Mountains

Hellenism is the term typically to describe the spread of culture from the Greek civilization that developed after the reign of Alexander the Great. Then Alexander died of malaria on June 13, B.

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You see them walk past you towards the King. He embarked on a conquest like no other, conquering lands from Egypt to India.

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Alexander was born to be great, as he would go to inherit a great military built by his father Phillip II.

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