A look at the different factors fueling the greenhouse effect

Effects of greenhouse effect

Fossil fuels contain carbon, and when they are burnt this carbon combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide. Farahani, S. Even better, a new initiative by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg gives the urban layer of this movement a boost. This exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that warms Earth is referred to as the greenhouse effect because a greenhouse works in much the same way. The main chemical that reacts with methane in the atmosphere is the hydroxyl radical OH , thus more methane means that the concentration of OH goes down. As a result, we see in the visualization below that there is a strong correlation between per capita CO2 emissions and GDP per capita. The IPCC produced major assessment reports in , , , and Though they are present in very small concentrations, they trap heat very effectively, making them high "global-warming potential" GWP gases. Greenhouse gas emissions from industry have declined by The MLO has been measuring atmospheric composition since the s, providing the clearest record of CO2 concentrations across the 20th and 21st century. The composition of this trade is also important in terms of carbon intensity. Emissions involved in the consumption of electricity for transportation activities are included above, but not shown separately as was done for other sectors. Finally, hydrogen can lead to ozone production and CH 4 increases as well as producing stratospheric water vapor. Based on the updated data gathered by Peters et al.

But how do levels of CO2 intensity change across different levels of prosperity? Regional temperatures could vary significantly from the global mean value, and actual annual to decadal changes would include considerable natural variability.

A look at the different factors fueling the greenhouse effect

Reducing engine-idling. And regional efforts around the country are helping to boost the electric car marketwhich saw an increase in sales for over According to the EPA, greenhouse gas emissions were 12 percent lower in than inin part due to the large decrease in fossil fuel combustion resulting from the switch to natural gas from coal.

For example, if there were significant, perhaps cyclical, changes to the amount of heat coming from the Sun or the interior of the Earth, these could have an effect.

harmful effects of greenhouse effect

How we work out the potential costs of global climate change mitigation has been covered in an explainer post here. Before the Industrial Revolution, atmospheric CO2 fluctuated between about parts per million ppm during ice ages and ppm during interglacial warm periods.

sources of greenhouse gases

Their Fifth Assessment Report is scheduled for completion in A greenhouse gas is any gaseous compound in the atmosphere that is capable of absorbing infrared radiation, thereby trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere.

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Global Warming